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By: Indie Skreet

Page 1, illicit love poem

Worthy of no sympathy

Family sure to agree

As I gave in to flattery

Discovered unintentionally.

I enjoyed sexually

Actions denied previously

Knew living dangerously

But was on a journey.

Replaced all lingerie

To increase seductivity

As he reluctantly

Disappeared regularly.

Showed his humanity

By feeling guilty

Accepted no culpability

Ensured he returned eventually.

Words had little clarity

Actions displayed honestly

One fact known definitely

I loved him obsessively.

Would be no exclusivity

Which I accepted totally

Hid signs of vulnerability

As knew would end conclusively

Treated me respectfully

When his poor wife finally

Discovered his dishonesty

And curtailed him speedily.

Both had acted complicity

In shared duplicity

Now fatality

For shared depravity

Punished unreservedly

And no doubt deservedly

I’d behaved selfishly

Scarlet Woman? Regrettably.

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