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Enough is Enough.

By: JiDonnelly

Page 1, having enough of being a mug.

i wish you could hear me right now

for the only real reason you refuse

with respect you're a selfish cow

all my respect you just abuse

you look at me with you're dark eyes

pissed because im not smiling all that much

and attetion she cries

on my good days i dont care as such

everytime i want to talk she just wont hush

every good moment we share she will crush

i thought things would get better later on in stage

only until last night

because her selfish ways will never change

i seen a different light

and if thats the case which i know it is

its been enough years iv have had enough of this

i cant do anymore i tried my best

you are a selfish liar and all the rest

last night was my last bit of hope

after last night i can no longer cope

dont care what you say

dont care what you do

enough is enough

i have had enough of you.

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