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Carlos - My best friend

By: Jossie Deveroux Tchaikovsky

Page 1, Just a little something for one of my new friends ^^

My best friend sleeps beside me every night. He wakes up with me in the morning, be it rainy, sunny or snowing.

My best friend is always ready to listen, but never ready to talk. He is silent like a tree, only whispering and rustling every once in a while.

My best friend has scars on his body and on his neck. He also has scars on the inside, but he cannot tell me about them.
My best friend likes to sing with me, but he hates to sing for me. His voice is wonderful, both deep and light, like sunshine can be sharp and soft.
My best friend loves to see me dance. He sings so beautifully after I’ve danced for him.
My best friend and I argue sometimes. He wants to sing something that I do not, and then it can take hours before we agree on a solution.
My best friend lies beside me every night. He goes to sleep with me in the evening, be it rainy, sunny or snowing.

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