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belive in yourself

By: kashifa khan

Page 1, we can do everything just have to believe in ourself

love me or hate me i still gonna rock
whenever i became mean or selfish i see the people who are still living on the roads
I want to fly
to touch the the sky
but i can't because there are breakers on my way
i want to cross them but can't find the way
I'll be born again
again as a girl and proves everyone that i am better than boys
but i cant wait for one more life
I'll do today what i want now
I'll make the world like how i want to see
I have that courage but it's need polishing
Ihave that potential to do anything
nothing is impossible
If i want that i definetely get it
just i need to listen my heart
and listen to it
and i know i really shine
love me or hate me i still gonna rock

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