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You Can't Change Me

By: Lillian Ross

Page 1, If you have someone telling you to act a different way or change your style of doing things, don\'t let them change you! You are who you are. :)


When you look into my eyes, what do you see?

Do you see my pain or  who I thrive to be?

I am not a perfect girl,

just a girl whose been hurt too many times.


What is wrong with me? 

Everywhere I go, people divert. 

I only want to feel wanted by them

Why can’t they just see? 


Why can’t you just try to accept me? 

Yes, I am a girl whose had a past,

but you don’t see that. 

Maybe your just that imbecilic.


I’m tired of being stuck in your miry bog.

You can try to change who I am,

it won’t last very long.

I am me. 

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