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A Quiet Place in my Mind

By: Matthew Zabala

Page 1, Trying to restore sanity, that was robbed by bad decision making.

What is this feeling that I'm feeling
Robbing my joy – My happiness it's stealing
Some sort of dread? Darkness? Fear?
My mental demise is closing in – insanity drawing near

Never will I rid myself of this shame
For I only have me, myself, and I to blame
Look...Can you see them too?
The ghosts of my past slowly coming into view

I try and try, but I cannot find
A quiet place in the corner of my mind
What was once peace and joy
Is now seek and destroy

I'm not so normal, if you have not guessed
I was walking east, while my moral compass pointed west
How can I right so many wrongs
Without keeping the past where it belongs


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