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Diamond to Coal

By: Micki Jennings

Page 1, coal is supposed to be able to turn into diamonds...but people can go from diamonds to coal...

                           Diamond to Coal

Once so young and innocent

Running along with no shame

Only knowing loves descent

Never knowing true pain


Growing up faster than light

Learning what pure evil is

Seeing people cripple the dreams in flight

Feeling only deep sorrows kiss


Peel away the shield

Knock away the mask

The torment will never yield

Just awaking is a task


Cradle my dreams with a knife

Wish that the angel would come for me

The angel that would end all the strife

Feeling like death is the key


Slap away my hope

See my agony unfold

A scream my last heard note

Read my story and you will see a transformation

A diamond to coal



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