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The Fallen Angel's Tale

By: Micki Jennings

Page 1, There are only so many things that can describe angels, sadly \'fallen\' can be one of them

                               The Fallen Angel's Tale

She flew with them all

Her halo glowed with life

But one slip then a fall

A chance never came twice


Her wings ripped from her back

Halo turned to stone

The love of God she lacks

New wings will never be grown


The fallen angel cries out in grief

Slapped with forced sin

Her purity stolen by a thief

The broken pain is about to begin


The demons pull her down to hell

Cutting her arms with their blades

Begging forgiveness as she fell

Her faith in God starts to fade


She pulls her body to the foot of the church

Knife clamped in her worn hand

She asked the Lord of her worth

But from God's grace she was banned


Arms scarred from pain

Purity taken from her

Pulled unwillingly away

Her heart will no longer stir


She gave up her hope

And yelled a great cry

No longer able to cope

She commits suicide



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