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In Wonderland

By: Ririe

Page 1, A poem I wrote about Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. A fairly unknown mental disorder that I suffer from.

Tick Tock
Reachin' for the clock
Hip Hop
My mind don't stop

Hand Fan
Coming to a stand
Neat Feat
Wont get from my seat

Stong Long
My bodys so wrong
Teenie Tiny
He looks allmighty

Loud Proud
Voices in the clouds
Room Boom
To big to assume

Space race
Im not in this place
Head Bed
Full of lead

Stars Mars
Sitting in the sidecar
Grow Woe
Eyes a no show

Grip Grin
Hands so thin
Fine Line
Sanity's not mine

Girth Mirth
Coming back to earth
Hulky Hazy
I must be going crazy

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