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Why is it Wrong?

By: Sapphire Angel

Page 1, Math is very difficult for me and this is how I feel about it.

Why is it Wrong?

On my page, there are a lot of words.

One longer than the next.

Equations that have five, or even more steps.

Uncertain of the way,

I written out the problem.

Is it right or is it wrong?

Looking in the back

to see which answers lie.

It is wrong... I wonder why?

Retracing my steps the first time,

or redoing it once more.

The irritating sound of my earaser.

The studding on my papper.

Oh how I loathe this sound.

Working over and over again...

I do not get the answer!

Infruiating.. Agravating!!!!!

It makes me want to cry!

Why O why do not I,

get the answer!

Till the next day,

Again, I come to class,

Asking the teacher,

Making it yet so simple!

Despite my agravation!

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