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By: scully23

Page 1, about a girl who has been lieing all her life.. and now relises what is happining and now wishes she didnt so she wishes life was over

she lies to the world, she cant stop lieing,

lieing has always been apart of her dying, she tries her best but always fails even when people say she will prevail.

she hates life but is scared to let go knowing her heart will be forever gone, what can she do but slither away, when someone has got something to say.

everynight she dreams of the fiery pits of hell, wishing she could be somewhere else, they say god is kind and he is the one, hell is a better place, so god has not won.

before she dies the devil will tell her "i love you jess, and nobody else does"

"leave them here they dont need you" theres a uch better place and off they flew

in my will i can only say

i would like my body hacked up and scattered away. so many animals can feed off me to feel their hunger not scientists needs.

do not burn me

do not bury me

leave me alone to go to hell in piece.

people always wanted to know why i do the things i do, and what i think well guess.....

as much as i love it here on earth, i really do wish that my life would just end, most likely dramatically as im such a drama queen, but heyy what can i say, im dramaticmuch.

anyway no one knows what hell is like but i can tell you from my dreams its way better then earth and heaven comes below that. hell is like you personal nightmare, except a milion times.

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