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The Final Test

By: Shadows of Memories

Page 1, when life sets tests ...


Life tests you, all through...

---Your patience, time, emotions, perceptions and values.

But does life itself know the significance of Soul?

What is its part? What is its role?

Life will offer you happiness and hardships diluted,

A breathless inert life, corpse-like, that it had manifested.

The investments of your soul and goal would likely to go waste...

Don’t think it’s all yours. Feel free to be the Guest.

You try to mould yourself with the necessities

And willingly or unwillingly accept them;

You learn and make yourself up for further--

That you peek and learn all to tame.

You fall, get hurt and bruised, but survive...

You turn a naked saint

With no soul or a heart, neither any face,

You are just so lifeless...

Helpless too.

You are hurt to be yourself,

Trying to be matched and attached to it.

The life does like the water flow,

And it moves and flows by...

Water is river, water is sea,

It is even when you cry.

Water is pure when colourless,

What if rainbow too?

When life reflects to be lifeless,

Life is testing you.

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