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Still I Love u too much

By: Anushree

Page 1, When a girl and boy started their love they think its all about life. but there are so many which life will show you to test you

We have stated our new journey of life holding each other’s hand. Now the path is very beautiful. Both are enchanted by the breeze of spring, smile of blossoms. But it will not persist for long.
Freezing winter will come, trying to freeze our love and happiness. At that weird moment we have to lit the fire with our togetherness and keep us warm with the warmth of love reflecting from the fire.
Summer will also never let us go so easily. It will try to burn our dreams, expectation with its scorching heat. At that fiery moment we have to blow cool breeze of understanding and relax us with the shadow of affection.
How can rain leave us, trying to swipe away our peace, prosperity and trust with its flood of water. At this scary moment we will build our boat of patience and trust. Floating on the waters and fighting with the storms, we will again reach the land of spring…spreading the aroma of our love. Then we will say “I still love u so much”

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