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20 things i wanna do befor i die

By: thumblina

Page 1, 20 things i wanna do befor i die

20 Things i wanna do before i Die

20.To take couple of pictures with my love

19.To go to the beach with my love

18.To go on a shooppking spree with my love

17.To make a discover

16.To make fabulous cakes and sell

15.To buy a house

14.To own a porsche/ferrari

13.To start my own business

12.To be a well known writer

11.To publish my books

10.To step in to a pub to see how it looks

9.Name a star for two people....

8.To gift my love a cell phone

7.To gift my lov a car or a sports bike

6.To be in two places at once

5.To adopt a kid

4to get goodnight kisses/hugs from my love till I die

3.To possess one thing that belongs to my love

2.To see my love on the stage performing and hear people scream his name

1.To die in the arms of my love....

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