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I will Never Be Tamed

By: Aaliyaah

Page 1, I will Never Be Tamed

You thought your love for you will destroy me, but to your surprise was not so.
You play hard and you do not burn me like you was expecting on the contrary you have burned yourself.
With each mistake you makes, you must know that my eyes you fall, you lost your dignity and honor in front of me.
Once you were everything to me, but I was nothing to you.
But to see how is life, the wheel turned and now you're nothing to me.
Now youdo no realize, but it will come a day when you will slep alone and you saying how stupid you were when you left me go.
You held me like in a bird cage, like a bird that did not enable to have her intimacy and her space, you always like to controlle me, but look that one day you just opened the gates and I flew , but I'll tell you something and put is very right in head:
If you capture a bird, when will have a chance to run away,will do and will never come back to that someone who once made her worse.
So I left and I run away from you, honestly now i hoppe you do not relly think i will get back to you i won't do that...

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