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Own House

By: ashi17

Page 1, This story is about a woman, searching her \'own house\'.


Lucy was trying to complete her packing with her shivering hands, but something was still left, it was embroidery kit and album, the photos were black and white but the golden memories were to be cherished. Few childhood pictures, marriage ceremony, children and……… the voice broke her thought chain, ‘Mom how much time are you going to take, we are getting late, bus is yet to come.’ Lucy packed her bag and stood in front of the mirror to see her final look, before leaving house, as it was her childhood habit. Today she was taking more time, if she was looking perfect or not? But her old eyes were not perfect enough to give her accurate view, she cleared her specs and mirror too but the image was still faded. Again Joseph’s voice was heard with irritated tone ‘mom?’ And Lucy came out of the room with her bag and an excuse, ‘

Son, I was searching for the white bed sheet’, it was a lie since she had already packed it. ‘Oh please mother stop searching waste stuff’, Joseph said carelessly. Lucy felt sad to know that her treasure is just a 'waste stuff' for her son, but she silently came out of their house and Joseph picked her bag and moved towards the bus stop.

The bus came and Joseph helped her to get inside the bus and finally they got seat to settle down. The bus started moving and so did Lucy’s mind, it started travelling towards past. Her journey started when she was born. She was the third child, after two daughters, when a son was expected by her parents and so her birth was unwanted and she realized that when she was brought up. She always got used to such things and unnecessary scoldings. She put her mind in studies but before completion of her school, she came to know that her marriage was fixed and she had to accept that unknown person as same as her elder sisters accepted their father’s decision. But she was not ready to leave her house for a stranger. When she told that to her parents. her father laughed badly and told her that husband’s house are lady's real house, and father’s house is just a temporary one. She was shattered from inside; this realization was disturbing  her, she was born and brought up here and this house is not hers? How this could be? She tried to confirm this from her friends and all of them told the same. She tried to digest this fact of life and decided to say yes to a new start, studies could be continue from there too, she thought.

The Indian parents were in hurry to get rid of their responsibilities and so they arranged Lucy’s marriage at the age of seventeen. The innocent being was transferred to another house. She got married with Mr. Abraham Thomas. Soon all dreams got shattered when that met with expectations of reality. Abraham was a clerk who used to think that less educated wives are good home makers and to clear all responsibilities to her in start would be less troublesome. Lucy was disappointed and feeling trapped in a social web, where there was no way to go. She decided to accept things and tried to be happy in her circumstances. From the title of Mrs. Thomas she adopted the whole routine of her husband. Her day started with cooking of breakfast, serving Tiffin and saying bye to Mr. Thomas and rest of the time for taking care of in-laws and day ended with receiving alcoholic husband and his misbehavior. Sometimes drunken Thomas beat Lucy badly and sent her to her father’s house and after staying few days, her parents sent her back. She understood that none of the houses is her own, no matter how much effort and life she put in that, she is unable to make it her own. She became a puppet in the hands of circumstances.. After few years she became mother of a son, Joseph. But nothing better happened in her life. Whenever she feels drowning in depression she makes herself busy in doing embroidery, this is the only thing, which she used to do to make herself happy.

After few years, little Joseph became a young boy, who was good in studies and for further studies he had to shift to metro city. Retired Mr. Thomas decided to sell his house and move to support his son. Before shifting to new place Mr. Thomas died because of kidney failure and so Lucy and her son moved to new place. Lucy's responsibilities are now totally dedicated towards her son, she starting seeing her dreams from son’s eyes. Josef became an engineer from a reputed college and got a good job. She still used to do embroidery, but now she feels happier with her creativity and talent.

Her happiness doubled when young Josef told her that he wanted to marry his colleague, she fixed the date and arranged all that to settle her son. This is beyond her imagination that a single addition of a person will again twist her life. She noticed Joseph and his wife’s changed attitude towards her, she started feeling alone even in their presence. Now she became a burden, occupying lots of space. Once her son Joseph came to her and told Lucy ‘mother you spend your day alone, as both of us go to office, so…………we are thinking to shift you to……….there are so many of your age………you will be very comfortable there…………, we will come to you……….time to time…..’, Lucy was from small town and unaware of new fashion of shifting parents to old home. So she didn’t understand anything as she always believed that finally her son’s house is her own, it is beyond her dreams that he would plan her to shift another’s. In this phase of life she again accepted that too, without any choice of her. Lucy’s journey was very long and now she was feeling tired and want some rest, she was absorbed in her own thoughts and slowly sinking in that.

The bus stopped and Joseph stood with bag saying ‘mom get up, now your new house has come. We have to get down…… ………mom.....’. Lucy showed no response, her head dropped in a side. Few people came to help Joseph and declared her dead. She left Joseph in surprise and went on a never ending journey; she may get a house there, her house…..her own house……


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