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A City Deaf To Her Cries

Short story By: City Of Evil
True confessions

This is another piece wrote for my girlfriend, it is a true story about what happened to her and how we met, but of course it felt akward using real names, so i replaced Lazarus and Molly with Remy and Elise.I've asked her permission and read the story to her before posting it up.

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"Rape!" she screamed out to a seemingly deaf city. A city of wanderers and busy bodies, of tourists and hobo's, but no hero's. There was no Batman or Superman who would swoop in and save her from the vile man who had her back pressed to the dirty pavement of a clichéd alley.

"Somebody Help me!! RAPE!" Her feeble punches with tired knuckles appeared as no match as he held her down and pushed up her business skirt to her stomach. His pocket knife sliced through her panty hose as it cut the skin of her hip with it. But the pain was quickly camouflaged by the pain she had felt as he pulled aside hr underwear and slipped a finger in where no man had never entered before.

She clenched her jaw and wept silently, forcing herself to look away towards the ongoing passerby's who merely turned their heads and pretended not to notice. A few dared to mutter disparaging remarks under their breath about the common whore who spreads her legs in public. But it wasn't her, if only she could scream it, then maybe someone would stop and help her.

He unzipped his trousers and took himself out, placing himself between the damsels legs. With one blunt thrust, he robbed her of her dignity and her virtue, and the pain she had felt was almost to unbearable to stand. His rough hand covered her scream though as if it would not have fallen on deaf ears yet again. He pushed himself the rest of the way in and stroked his other hand through her red/auburn hair.

At this point, she though she had to be dead, for the world seemed to stop, and the ringing in her ears seem to drown out all other noise. And she herself had grown numb as if the unbearable pain had took her away from the world. But it hadn't and as she came back to, he was still there, violating and publicly degrading her.

"RAPE!!" her voice was hoarse and her lungs felt as though they were about to collapse from the excessive weight of the bulky man atop of her, but she didn't give up. "RAPE! SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

"HEY!!! What the fuck do you think your doing you perv?!?! Get the fuck off of her!!!" She had heard the man but not seen him. Heard his brisk footsteps as he approached, heard his yells, and heard the panic in his vioce as he ordered the man off of her. But when the rapist neither moved nor obeyed, that's when she saw him. She saw him grab the man and pull him off of her, saw him pin the guy down, and saw every swift punch delivered.

She pulled her skirt back down and curled into a ball sobbing uncontrollably. The feeling of being safe again had her broken down and shaking as though she could do nothing else. But a gentle hand touched her shaking shoulder and she couldn't help but to cringe as though a needle has penetrated the spot where he had touched. The hand appeared again, though this time accompanied by a voice so soft she couldn't move away.

"Its ok, im here now, what's your name sweetheart?" People started to gather now, but he shoed them away with a some-what intimidating voice, and to her surprise they listened.

"Elise" her voice was scratchy and rough but he didn't seem to mind as he picked her up bridal style and held her close as he carried her away from the scene of the crime.

"Well Elise, your safe now sweetie and im going to get you out of here" she could see the truth behind his dark blue eyes and hear it in his low voice. And though he was just another stranger, there was something about him that made her feel safe enough to bury her face into his chest as her arms remained settled around his neck for support.

"A-and what's your name?" she whispered so quietly that she barely heard herself. And even though the streets were loud around her, he had somehow managed to hear her voice, when no one else had managed to hear her voice when she was getting raped, he did, and that thought made her cry again, happy sorrowful tears.

He shifted her in his arms so he could hold her tighter and run a hand through her hair as he whispered softly in her ear. "Remy…My name's Remy"

She slowly calmed herself down again and went into a state of complete numbness, her hand absently moved and stroked through his black hair that touched down to his jaw. She couldn't seem to process what had happened, what was happening now, it all was a blur until they had walked into the Emergency.

He walked her up to the counter and set her down on wobbly knees and shaky legs. But his arm wrapped around her in a way that assured her he wasn't going to let her fall.

He stayed with her while the nurse took down her information and gave her one last reassuring smile as they led her away towards the hospital rooms. Her stomach clenched in fear as she was sat down on the hospital bed, the paper crackling as she shifter. They put her feet in the harnesses and had her lay down as they spread her legs. She constantly tried to close them as they swiped and swabbed, poked and prodded, each sensation more uncomfortable than the last.

After what seemed like hours, they assured her a call with the information on the tests and A nurse led her out into the waiting room. It was as she expected, full of people but none of them were Remy. Why would he be there? She had only just met him. Would she ever see him again? All questions that played out in her mind with a sense of unjustified abandonment she had not earned.

She hugged herself close as she walked out the double doors and towards the parking lot without looking up from her feet.

"Hey!" she heard a man call and her heart froze and her body started shaking. She was terrified of the thought of what happened as it all came racing back, hitting her like a ton of bricks. But she managed to turn herself around in time to see Remy smile as he walked after her, a cigarette hanging from his right hand. She looked at it longingly, hell nothing sounded better than a smoke.

His eyes followed hers and he laughed as he handed it to her. She took a deep breath of it and held the smoke in her lungs. "I thought you'd left" she said quietly as she let the smoke go.

He looked confused for a brief moment and tried to look at her but she wouldn't meet his eye line. So he just put an arm around her, waiting for her to push him away but she just moved into him more for comfort.

"I only left briefly to get my truck so I could be here to take you home safely" He guided her to the truck with tires that made it way to big for her to be able to climb into it. He grabbed her hips gently and lifted her into it as if she weighed almost nothing at all. He walked to his side and got in, letting her direct him to the run down apartment complex that was where she lived.

It looked shady and after what happened, he wasn't sure if he could just let her leave and go back to a place like that. So even though he knew shed probably say no or think he was just trying to get her pants, he couldn't help but to offer.

"Hey, this is so close to where it happened, and it doesn't really look safe, and I don't think u want to be alone right now, so… would you want to come stay at my place?"

She looked shocked but quickly nodded as though that's what she had been waiting to hear since she met him. "yeah, but I need to go get some clothes" she whispered" and possibly my cat if that's ok, he sleeps in the bed with me and I don't want to leave him here alone."

"Sure" he smiled, he couldn't believes she had said yes. He got out and helped her out of the truck, following her up the steps and towards her apartment room. It was small and really run down, But you could tells she tried to make it appear nicer with hung paintings and small plants.

Remy waited in the living room while she walked into her room calling out the name "Jupiter". It made him smile to know she named a cat after a planet, she seemed like that type from what he knew so far. She walked out holding her bag and a small gray kitten with eyes as blue as hers and smiled as she held the kitten out for Remy to hold

"This is Jupiter, she's my kitten" Elise's smile was innocent and rather child-like as she held her cat with a motherly glow. He laughed and pet the cat as he took her bag for her. She smiled sheepishly and held the cat close as she followed him out the door. They got back into his truck, and he drove her to his apartment complex. She was given the guest room to begin with, but as each passing day went on and he continuously offered for her to stay over, Her apartment was no longer needed.

They started dating a few weeks after the incident and she moved in with him. It was the start of a life neither thought they could have, and through everything that had happened and will happen, they manage to stay together. As best friends, as lovers, and now as fiancés.


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