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Nobody Understands A Thing

By: ClayPlusTaylor

Page 1, Have you ever felt that way? Everything in your life, just everything that you made you happy, gone? You feel that nobody really cares about your emotions? Nobody cares about the life that wants to spark inside of you, but just won\'t? To afraid to realize that, life gones on sometimes..without us in it? I feel that way, each and everyday.

Do you ever wonder about the things that go around you? The things that you don't realize happen, but do? Everybody has that feeling, even if we don't know it sometimes. Many of us know that things happen for a reason, and we should just move on. Others think about the time they could have been happy, but they never will again. It's sad to think that way, it is... but, it is impossible to convince somebody everything will be okay when really, it isn't. You can hear about most of what I think about, the stuff that sits at the top of my brain, and will never go away...

Do you remember the first time you tried to ride a bike? You failed the first time, huh? I know I sure did! I can tell you, my first bike...without training wheels, was a NEXT: Slumber Party Girl's bike. It was pink and purple, and I absolutely loved it!




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