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Who Really Knows

Short story By: CSB
True confessions

A story of betrayal and how the confusion between sexual pleasure and humour can affect other peoples - Just because its funny!

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~~Do you really know you wife, where she is, what she is doing? Do you need to know, do you want to know? Our story is of a woman, a mother, a wife and how the pleasure she takes in being a little bit naughty, leads to some level of confusion between the joy of sex and humour.
Our girl was never restrainted from enjoying herself when the opportunity presented itself. She never felt it morally wrong to cheat on a partner, on her husband. She was careful not to get caught and enjoyed what she liked to think of as her" naughtieness" though her first two relationships.
It wasn't until the third relationship that things got really interesting though, humour collided with infidelity and the naughtieness became hilarity. Whilst you will no doubt come to feel for the poor man she enjoys laughing at, whilst you do, look over at your wife and wonder.
When our girls relationship broke down, she found herself living in a nice little flat with three regular lovers, a pleasant life that she was enjoying very much, but the day inevitably came when she decided that she needed more from life, a new relationship, a partner, someone to care for her, someone to look after her, someone to, well, pay the ever mounting bills!
Since Google now controls the world, our girl goes online and asks for a new boyfriend please. Google responds via a dating site and provides a poor chap that we shall call Colin.
Now we should mention a gentle fellow by the name of Claude, for its Claude's naughty sense of humour that starts a chain of events that ultimately creates a situation that would cause poor Colin a world of pain and humiliation, well it would if only he knew. Would you want to know if you were Colin?
The nature of our girls relationship with her lovers was such that she felt no need to hide her quest from them, in fact dear Claude sat next to her at the laptop and helped select poor Colin's profile, he even chuckled whilst providing some of the initial wit and banter that sucked the poor chap in.
It would be easy to assign more indepth motives to dear Claude's actions on the day of the first date, but for me I like to believe it was all about the humour.
What did he do, well shall we just say that he arrived at our girl's flat an hour before the hot date to find her freshly showered, when she hurried out of her front door 45 minutes later Claude still lay naked in her bed chuckling and thinking that she really should have re showered.
I imagine that the date may have run a slightly different course should poor Colin have known the reason our girl arrived slightly late and somewhat flustered. But he didn't know and whilst any man potentially entering a new relationship inevitably wonders about his date's sexual history, would it occur to you that she was fresh from another man's bed?
Well poor Colin wasn't without his good looks or charm, and whilst he was by no means rich he was solvent and owned his own home. They quickly became close and started spending time more and more time together.
Three casual lovers and a new relationship clearly means lots of sex for our girl, more in fact than there is time to squeeze into a seven day week, well that would I suppose be the case if one was to restrict themselves to just one lover a day. Do you think at any time during the exciting days of a new relationship poor Colin ever imagined what was going on. Would it occur to you that more often than not your new girl friend had already had sex earlier that day, that she often joked with her lovers that you always came second?
Well it seems that it didnt occur to poor Colin as just 4 months after that first date he invited our girl to move in with him, a move she of course lept at, no more rent arrears to worry about and oh yes of course she loved him.
Life of course settled down for our girl, the lovers one by one fell by the way side and she and poor Colin lived a happy and normal existence for a while. However our girl has more needs than the bills to be paid and inevitably becomes bored and looks for excitement.
Strangely and somewhat sadly really it's poor Colin who provides the answer, it irked him how much our girl cost him and upset him that she refused to get a job to contribute, so deciding to be a man to puts his foot down and insists she gets out and finds work.
So our girl takes a job a few hours a day to appease him. It's not well paid but then it isn't difficult either and as it turns out it's not with out its perks. The job you see involves traveling to various establishments, which of course offers a chance to meet new people and sleep with them during the working day. Poor Colin and he was so pleased with himself for being a man and insisting she work, but as a result he is back to sharing his girl with strangers and regularly relegated to coming second. Is it just me who sees the funny side of this or are you busy wondering how much your wife enjoys her job?
Now this is the point in our little story where things get interesting, who should bump into our girl in a multistorey car park one sunny afternoon but our old friend Claude. As old acquaintances do they head to Starbucks to catch up on the events of the last three years.
"what ever happened to that poor sod, the one I sent you off to meet on a hot date, full of my juices? Bless him for weeks he thought he was in a relationship with you, had no idea that he always, what was it you used to say - came second?"
After a full five minutes, no small amount of embarrassment for our girl and a series of strange looks from the Starbuck's staff, Claude finally wrestles his disabilitating laughter under control.
"You're living with him! Poor Colin I met him once, an arrogant cock I seem to remember, not sure he deserves this but it is the funniest thing I ever heard"
Somewhere during the second latte he started to wonder, whilst our girl regularly going home to poor Colin having had sex with two of her work colleagues was quite amusing, it did seem limited and failed to take advantage of full comedic possibilities available. Claude could be puppet master, take her himself, arrange for his friends to take her. Ideas of possible antics and adventures flooded into his mind, always ending with our girl returning home to poor old Colin oblivious to the sexual exploits of the girl he called his partner, and all this not for sexual gratification, oh no. Claude started to laugh again……
So are you absolutely certain that someone like Claude isn't chuckling at you?


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