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Loving you,… making love to you,… there are no words, there is no language that can convey these feelings I have when we are together as one.

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Love Acute - A Tribute to My Loving Wife

Life,… At times arduous and cruel, painful and unforgiving, it is the most precious of gifts. Life is harsh and ever demanding, requiring the grueling and punishing experiences that had to be endured that I might understand the value of those few good things that have been laid before me.

From the first day I saw you, that radiant smile as sweet as honey, your glowing face that lit up that fateful day, that day of dull and droning repetitiveness, that day that followed in the steps of all the days before, I was lost. I was lost in the scent of your hair, the sight of your flawless womanly figure, lost in the aura of your very presence. To have you near me, that I may breathe the same air as you, to feel the slightest touch of your skin was as though Heaven had descended upon Earth.

The love that you have bestowed upon me is intoxicating and addicting, it is a love so seldom and so intense that every day I must ask, am I worthy of you, am I worthy of the affection that you so freely lay upon me, what is it that I have done to deserve you? To see the love in yours eyes, to feel it course through my body when you caress my skin, to feel its warmth on those cold dreary nights, to know that for all of my weaknesses, my faults and failures that your love for me has not dwindled, it is as if a dream has come true and every wish that I had ever made were granted.

Loving you,… making love to you,… there are no words, there is no language that can convey these feelings I have when we are together as one. "Love", a word all-encompassing and yet too simple. "Lust", a feeling that I have for you every day, every minute and ever it gnaws at me but only dismally describes that physical yearning I have to be near you. To touch your skin as soft as silk is as life giving as the water I drink, there is no drug in this world that can compare to the euphoria your love instills in me.

Your wit and sarcasm, your heartfelt laughter so genuine are as infectious and appealing as sweet nectar to the humming bird on a bright warm day. Your fear and wrath like the crack of a whip across my back, a demand that does not go unanswered.

To not be in your presence for just one day is a wrenching of the heart, an endless craving that never ceases, an empty void begging to be filled, an ache so penetrating that this body quakes.

Although many years have passed, from the day I cried at our wedding to this very moment, there is no numbing and no forgetting of one moment spent with you. Each and every day I feel the tingle of love, the tickle of satisfaction and the caress of happiness. Every day my love grows for you, unweaning and stronger.

I am and always will be yours till the end of all that is. There is no replacing you and not one single day goes by that I don't wish that we might love each other forever untouched by time.

I thank the heavens for placing you in my life, of all the people of this world, Heaven put you in my life and to this day I am still in disbelief that I might be so fortunate.

I also thank the hell below with all of its malicious intent, it's savage glee for inflicting pain and misery, for opening my eyes that I may see that wonderful person next to me for what and who she is, the light of my life, all my joy, the person that brings out the very best of me.

You are, without any doubt or regret, the most precious of all.

With tears of joy swelling my eyes, I LOVE YOU!


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