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A woman gets laced drugs, and has a sexy night with a mate she just met. When she walks down an ally she does'nt see whats coming.

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The "High"

I snorted the coke quickly as i tried to get away from my thoughts. As i was done with the line i felt the warm drip of my blood sliding done my satin lips. I lied down on the carpet as i let the coke ruin threw my veins. I gently let my thoughts slip away and i fell into my usal comatose state. when i woke up i felt the sweat against my body. My appartment was hotter then hell and i was having the shakes. I needed my fix. I called my dealer to get my lines. An hour later we met up did the deal and that was that. I sniffed a few lines but something was different it was laced with dust..Angel Dust. I wasnt sure if i was going to make it or not.

I went for a walk to try and survive the complete hallusinations. Everything was distorted and colorful. I went to a bar to take some shots. Hell if i was gonna be this out of it i might as well drink too. Next to me a young, tan and very sexy male. I felt his eyes moving from my eyes to my breasts and all the way down. Then in a quick second he jumped seats and his chest was against mine. His hands carressed my back. I giggled when his hands went down to my wide hips. "Are you here alone?" he whispered. I pressed his lips against mine as a sign of recognition. We went to the dance floor slowly grinding on eachother. My hips swayed in rythem of the music. By midnight i was tired and sweaty. The angel dust had worn off but the vodka kept me going. Around three the club was closing. I told him i would meet him outside while i went to freshen up. I went to the restroom to fix myself and wipe off some of the sweat. When i was finished i went to go outside to meet my sexy mate for the night. When i stepped outside it was chilly, cold, wet and then nothing.

I was bashed in the head with what felt like a metal baseball bat. I felt the sticky blood down the back of my head. I wasnt sure what had happend. After i gained some of my conciousness i saw that i was riding around in a black van. I felt someones eyes looking me up and down. I quickly turned around to see what was my sexy mate now into someone, something evil. He slapped me so hard i couldnt breath. "What the hell are you doing!" I screamed. Nothing was said he grabbed my hips. Within seconds he was inside. I screamed for him to stop but he didnt. There was blood everywhere when he was done. I felt his breath against my neck as he whispered "I own you now, You can't and won't escape..My Darling."


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