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Salado girl

By: Disturbations of the deep

Page 1, more of my more simpler true confessions, as for once, mym ind is clear.


Saturday night. As everyone knows, everything interesting happens on a Saturday night. I had finished playing at the Salado Silver Spur theatre, and was having a bunch of photos taken because it was the Silver Spurs last performance. I start talking to this girl because she’s wearing a Liverpool jacket, and I spend the whole night with her. And for the first time for a long time, I was able to speak to another girl without thinking about Charlotte; someone I haven’t seen for 8 months, someone who inspires all my work on love. For the first time in a long time I was able to smile, a true smile.  It has taken 8 months of tears and sleepless nights and screaming at shadows. But finally I think I may be able to move on. I just have that bugging feeling in my heart. But I don’t want to jump into anything, I already made that mistake and it ruined everything for me, it destroyed mine and Charlotte’s relationship. So I think about it that night, and I decide. I like this girl, she is funny, she seems caring and she is interesting, and we have so much in common. Though I was tired; I talked too much, even though there were a lot of laughs, I didn’t give her my email, only my Facebook. And worse of all I didn’t even ask her name. So I check my Facebook in the morning hoping to find she has sent me a friend request. But she hasn’t. And now I worry on my mistakes, I have a chance to find happiness once more, yet I can’t find her. And there’s the chance I will never see her again.

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