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To Zavy

By: Disturbations of the deep

Page 1, What is true to me


No one will ever quite understand me like you. My dear, when I dream at night, you are the only one I see by my side. Though the future for us seems dark, I will be the light. I know I have misplaced your trust, but I am here to make things better. Believe in me like I have always believed in you. My love grows with every passing second, though we are so far away. Nothing can keep me away from you forever. Nothing. Even if your love disappears, mine will stay. I will always be there. Helping you through troubled times, always being your guardian angel. If not your lover I will be your best friend. So patience my dear if your love is still there, I will be home soon. To bath you in love hugs and my wings that will protect you from harm forever. I’m coming home.

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