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Tags: Truth, Life, Mean, Real, Fake

This is just things people do so this is like not answers but more of thoughts ....like or comment Idc

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Authors note: Comment if you want don't really care this is just random truthful stuff .;0 I think...correction "Know" somewhere deep in my mind im a cruel ,twisted evil person. It's just no one knows that, but me. So I'm not normal and neither are you ... What is normal , something people pretend to be. I know not to be weak minded and to be openminded to everything. The weak minded are the people who GIVE A FUCK what people think of them, those people disgusts me. If anyone's ever picked on you or made you feel lower then them, Please learn to Open your fucken mouth and speak up, that is unless you care... Ha. I'v had people... "friends" say behind my back that I'm a worthless piece of shit and will end up a drop out or a stupid bum on the street. Well if people talk behind your back, thats just because they don't have balls to say it to your face and have low-self esteem issues and are ugly on the inside and should probably Swallow makeup Maybe that will make them pretty on the inside! And if you have a friend that's talked shit before about you (REALITY CHECK) that's a back stabber ! You weren't born with them and you won't die with them . That's just the truth anyone can be an evil BITCH any second. That's just the way this world is, full of SELFISH BASTARDS ! Author's note: HEY SO COMMENT IF YOU WANT I DID THIS ON MY IPHONE CAUSE I GOT BORED BUT NOW MY HANDS HURT SO THIS IS JUST TALKS ABOUT REAL STUFF THAT HAPPENS AND HOW YOU MAYBE WOULD CONSIDER TO HELP, ITS JUST THINGS TO BE TRUTHFUL ABOUT ...HARD TO EXPLAIN WELL TELL ME IF I SHOULD CONTINUE AND GIMMY THINGS TO TALK ABOUT MAYBE LIKE GAYS, CHEATERS, WHORES..IDK YOU TELL ME , anyways thanks for reading :) And sorry for all the mistakes I did it threw my iPhone! D:


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