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In The Eyes Of Amelia Jones

Short story By: gwenlover123
True confessions

This is a short TRUE story about one of my friends.

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Amelia Jayne Jones was her name.I remember like it was just yesterday,me and her were close friends.We would help eachother with math,tell eachother the latest gossip and more.But,she was always hiding something from me.Everyday when I would see her at school,she would have bruises on her head or arms,or sometimes,she would even be limping.I would always ask her what's wrong,but she would give me the same excuse:"I fell off my bike,such a cluts"!

That's when the truth came out.One day when we were walking home from school together,she told me something that was indeed important."Oh I can't take it anymore!!!! I have a secret".I would listen up to hear if it was important.

~What Happened~

"Well,it started when I was about 6 when my mom started working late.She would always at least come back at 12.But one night when she was working,I was in my room when my dad blasted through the door.He told me to take my clothes off.I tryed to decline but he wouldn't take no for an answer.I started to strip down when he started to strip too.He started to shove my down to the bed and started to rub my legs.I tryed to take him a way but he started to smack my butt if I tryed to.He then started to kiss me everywhere.He would rub my nipples and moan at the same time.He then told me to roll over.He then stuck this.....this.......thing into my butt!!!! I asked him what he was doing but he told me to keep quiet.It got faster and faster and I would start to cry 'cause it hurts so much.After a couple of minutes I fell asleep.He woke me up and told me he would be back.And he was right.Every day mom has to work late,he rapes me.My mom dosen't even find out.I'm scared Selena".

~The Present~

She starts to cry in my arms as I hug her tightly.

As we walk over to her door,I tell her something."I'll come over later at 8.,unlock the door,then call the police.And I swear I will help you out of this",she nods and hugs me one more time as she walks in.I run over to my house and tell my dad that I'm going to Lia's house at 8.

Hours pass and I start to call the police as I walk outside and hear screaming and crying."911,what's your problem"?I take a breath and say everything I need to say."Ok mam,don't worry,help is on the way.What's your adresss"?"6982 Westland's Ct".

After a couple of minutes the police arrive and take him to prison for five years.Everything is happily ever after right?Wrong.A couple of monthes later,at school,Lia wasn't there.After school,the office told me that my dad was picking me up.Then,in the call,I got a phone call that changed my life."Hello Ms.Garcia,are you friends with Amelia Jones",I say yes and she continues."Well I'm sorry for the horrible news,but she died giving birth to a baby girl".I gasp as the world goes down.Now I don't know what's gonna happen in my life anymore.

Thank you for reading my short story.I also has a lesson taught to go with this:

This has happened to girls,even boys all around the world.Their dads/moms torture them until death and it is very sad to watch.Everyday when I would see Lia my life would sink when I would see her covered in bruises.For girls teenage pregnancy could also happen.Lia's daughter,Cameron,is now 3 years old and always wonders where her real mommy is.I would visit her every holiday and keep her safe.This could happen to anyone and it is scary for this to happen.Please,if this has happened to anyone you know,plz comment and I will deffenitly reply.I hope you enjoyed it.

-Selena G.


In the picture,is me and Lia edited.


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