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True Story

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The Big Race

After almost three years of building up the suspense, all the hype that was put into it, the day had finally come. The day where we would finally prove to one another, who is the better person? Her 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T Spyder versus my 1998 Acura Integra GSR, who will come out on top?

I am a big fan of the import scene. Well actually, not as much anymore, I just grew tired of it, but mostly it's because of the big race. I still visit some of the events in southern California every once in a while. I love driving, but it's because of the big race that I no longer feel the need to show off how good I am. I no longer have the urge to show people that I know how to drift; I can get behind the wheel and drive 170+ mph. Who was I kidding all of this time, what was I trying to prove, and to who?

I've been told many times that I am very vague when I talk about myself. Plain and simple, it is no one else's business; nobody needs to know who I am and what I do for a living. I just don't feel the need in telling them as well, honestly if you want to know something just ask, but that is a completely different story for another day… maybe. I say this now because people always ask me about my role in all of this and the rest of my stories. How does someone like me end up in the position that I am in now? My current position is pretty amazing if you ask me.

After not seeing each other for so long, my rival and I finally decided since we would be near each other why not go ahead and put all of this big race drama behind us once and for all. Her name by the way is Kim. She's a good person, and a dear friend whom I love deeply till this day. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to drive 2,000 miles across the country to secretly deliver a very large, excess, amount of money, not to mention the 4 kilos of a certain something that could have put me away for a very long time, I would have never met her. I thank my uncle for that. Not really.

So… the big race, we were given the ok signal that the road was clear for miles. That was a good thing because we only needed like 5 of those miles anyway. This road is one of those dark and lonely, crazy winding, completely empty in the middle of the night type of roads. I am very confident that I can and will win, easy. I know how to drive and I love doing it, my confidence level has reached its maxed potential. I do have to say that never again in my life will my confidence level reach the point that it currently was at. I've driven this road countless times, I know this road. After about 25 miles, when this road ends is my best friend's house. Tonight she was riding with me. We were on our way to her house after a night of partying and having fun. Before we make it to her house we decided to do the race. It is along the way, makes sense to me. For whatever crazy reason DeVeN, my best friend wanted to run the race. I said, "Sure, whatever, as long as we win and Kim loses, it makes no difference to me." So I took shotgun. I used to think it was the car, not the driver, how silly of me L I mean, DeVeN is a great driver! I taught her myself…

The race begins as we peel out from the starting line. I can see the few spectators cheering us on. The race is going smooth, we're ahead, and after the first mile we were able to finally take the lead. Right around the four and a half mile marker there is a tight left turn. This turn almost makes a complete u-turn around the mountain. I remember this curve clearly because there is not 1, not 2, but 3 lamp posts on that corner alone. It completely makes no sense whatsoever because the entire road from beginning to end has no lamp posts at all, I guess the only reason for them was for the people to see that there is a cliff and you can fall and die and whatever. It's just plain stupid if you ask me. This next part of the race I can play it clearly in my head over and over again without ever changing the details from the way it happened. If you head straight into this turn and slow down to about 50ish, you can take this curve easy with a little bit of drifting action added onto it. It really is not that hard at all. Both DeVeN and I have done it countless times, but the thing is we only did it when the other one of us is watching out for oncoming traffic by standing on the side of the road. You can only take this corner by drifting onto the oncoming traffic lane. So the day of the race, we got it easy. We were first to hit the corner and would be first to exit it as well which would give us a huge lead and ultimately the victory…

Apparently there was a pickup truck type vehicle pulled over on the side of the road that didn't start moving until shortly after we started the race. I'm going to cut to the chase and say that yes, we hit that truck head on. This is why I mentioned the 3 lamp posts earlier. These lamp posts are lighting up the road and are doing their job in keeping us from falling to our doom so well, that it also does not allow you to see the oncoming traffic's headlights from around this blind corner. We didn't know that, and yet we had to find out the hard way. There couldn't have been an even worse scenario then what happened that night.

Those split seconds before we collided felt as if someone hit the slow motion button on their remote. I can literally still feel every second of that collision. DeVeN's face smashing through the steering wheel and onto the dashboard while at the same time watching the pick-up driver scream in agony as if he were being stabbed in the eye repeatedly and after screaming stop and oh god it hurts, they kept stabbing him. I witnessed all of this while being launched out of the front windshield and for some god forsaken reason I still didn't plummet to my death by cliff diving accident. It did feel kind of soothing to be floating through the air for a couple of seconds before hitting the ground and landing several yards away and still tumbling a couple more.

Last thing I can remember about that night was how Kim was frantically screaming her ass off mumbling things about what to do. I couldn't move and I could barely see, no thanks to those 3 lamp posts at all. So much light that they give out and at this point they weren't shining at all. I passed out shortly after and awoke in the hospital the next day.

No one really knows where this pickup truck came from, and I can't blame him for the accident either nor can we ask him… he's dead, my best friend of nine years as well. Now I have her parents screaming at me and have been ever since it happened. She was such a nice girl and how she never did anything crazy until we hooked up. If they only knew that in fact, it was the opposite. She is the one that taught me about life, not the other way around. I always wonder what the outcome would have been if I were driving. This race was inevitable, was the outcome inevitable as well? Would I have died instead? What about the party we were at before the accident? Should we have gone? Or if we decided to stay at my house and postpone the race till the next day? I have been wondering all about this for a few years now. This little story is all just part of my, "I've seen enough, and done enough" attitude that has left me alone and cold hearted in the end. I literally have little to no one in my life that I can call a friend. I now think that I am destined to be bitter old and alone for the rest of my life. At least I have all that money saved up still, help me live a more care free life if I ever get around to it. It'll never be care-free, I know it.


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