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it's about a thing that all families suffer from, inequality and pressure were the main things that made me write this.

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In the land of endless sorrow, an Arab teen struggled to get his way out. His name was Bashar, a 17 year-old Saudi that had a great future upon him. Bashar didn't struggle a lot in his life as a kid. His biggest concern was pleasing his parents for they put lots and lots of hopes and dreams on him. Bashar seemed like the perfect son. He's a non-smoker, athletic, intelligent kid. As all middle children or "Mid-Kids", Bashar didn't get the attention he deserved, or so he thought. His older Brother Boopy Bin Poopy was always in trouble, he smoked, he was a dropout, and he didn't even give a damn. So the parents didn't hang any dreams on him. All that Bashar's parents do is telling him that he has to do everything right. His overprotective mother Tina was the biggest problem. She always pushed and pressured him out of love, what she didn't know was she was pushing him too far. His little sister Boso didn't stuggle at all, her father Blankie took care of her. She was daddy's little girl. Bashar always felt responsible for everything wrong. His parents helped as well. Every time his Brother made a mistake they found a way to blame it on him. They treated him like a robot. No feelings=No harm done. As a result, Bashar was dead inside, he didn't care if they blamed him for everything wrong in the universe. As long as he's convinced of his innocence, He didn't give a shit. One day Bashar "fucked up", in most families it would be an honor that their child took an A-, but not in his house, or to be more exact not if Bashar took it. He was ashamed of his mark, he went to his parents to explain, but all he found was the looks of disgrace from Blankie, and the irritating cries of Tina. He promised them to get a better mark. A couple of months later, Bashar took the SAT exam, he got back home worried that he'd get another "bad mark" in his parents' standards. And just like always his parents mocked him and called him a fool and they said they were wrong for hanging any hopes on him. And then the big one came out, His father said: "You're a failure, just like your brother!" Bashar was gob smacked! He told Blankie he'll make him proud again. The next month the results came out He took a 100% in the math sector and 88% in the Arabic sector, an overall of 94%. -the average grade is 61%, only 5% of the students who took the exam had over 81%- Bashar's first thought was calling his parents and proving them wrong, He called Tina and told her about the astonishing result! But he was turned down by her cold voice saying: "okay, good job. And didn't I tell you that you're such an idiot in Arabic because you don't read Arabic books" Bashar couldn't believe what he just heard, He called his father instantly and tells him he got 94%!! And again like a cold blooded assassin his father replied: "Dumbass" Bashar started to hallucinate. "Is this real?" he asked himself, "how could they?" he mumbled. Bashar didn't feel a lot of sadness because he already knew they wouldn't give him the words he deserved, but not like that. He ran to his cousin Dimmy and told him what happened. Dimmy didn't say a word; he took his guitar and started crying like a bitch, Bashar passed out from the sound of Dimmy's sobs. A year later Bashar graduated and went to one of the finest universities in the world, he studied and majored in finance. Years later Bashar was a famous businessman, He baught a Mercedes SLR to reward himself for all his international achievements. He was thrilled and drove like a bird that was set free after being tortured for years! Suddenly his blackberry started to ring; it was a message from Blankie that said: "You're Still a Dumbass to me". Bashar crashed his car instantly and died.


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