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dive into see the real me

By: mitsuru

Page 1, what i feel..

what i feel everyday. sometimes i feel alone, even though i have people, friends, family all around me.
sometimes i need to be left alone so i don't burst out full of anger and madness.
sometimes though i need someone to see my pain and comfort me when im trying to act tough.
i wanna experience love but im scared to get hurt and be betrayed like the past.
i wanna be nice but i always have my guard up so i don't get hurt.
i wanna see the world to know that im not the only one..
i cry at night to let out my stress, anger, and frustration out.
whether it's family, or blaming.
i want people to be able to understand me, but i can't just spill the beans.. hahaha.. ugh... (sigh)
when im nice i get back stabbed or betrayed..
secrets are secrets not gossip.
love is love no matter who you love not to make fun of who you love...
i feel like crying sometimes but i can't just burst out crying..
my pride forbids me from embarrassing myself.
my pride saves my face from falling down.
i love but then i don't get loved back.
who i love loves someone else.
what i see is what i don't want or need to see.
what i write is what i feel
when i have a poker face on that is when i am crying inside.

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