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Short story By: mongoe charles
True confessions

the carse of our separation,problem that lead to divorse

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By mongoe Charles
About the family, it a story of a Brocken trust that forces a divorce to take place
I will never forget that night my heart was above to stop, I have to ask and answer many question at once
I could not believe this is happening to me all gossip became a reality, I seen myself looking like a fool. We were happy at once, we only have seven years old boy, he was a innocent boy, don't deserve this. a man on my own yard on my bed, in my room, with my wife, it is evil to explain a full information.
I seen it with my eyes I couldn't believe is this happening or just is a dream or seeing a movie
We grow up together, a girl that are know, I was not a perfect person me neither to live with a woman but I did change, I did many bad thing but I did choice to change because I wanted to marry her as wife in my life. yes she was not a perfect and good but I believe she could change too so that our commitment could lead us to a good family, our commitment was to start a family together, we believe we can ,we can do well if whatever challenges in life could appear
I put my trust and hope on her. that what we doing is good, because whatever reason we did mention that can't share right now, we search for love we did find it in our heart and this it will make us stop sleeping around with many people, for it was any girl I met on street
She did have boyfriends, that she did sleep with back in life and even I did so we too I the some that make us good together, we were true now together to each other, both because of where we come from. Now we did give our life to Christ, we were Christian, born again one. We were prepared to face death and life together
Our family through our change it was a reality to them. Because we had a story a bad one in the past but now we change and left the past be the past.
Noel is my name, my wife Dolly and our boy Mathw, everyone in the village like to have me around, I was not never a bad boy according to people's perception on me.i liked them and me and Dolly met back at high school while doing metric in 1985 and we get married in 1987, after metric I want straight to Johannesburg to look for work, I was working at Newtown at crystal marketing sector as a clerk.
Our son was born sis mouth after getting married that was a problem that prove that we did have sex before married thou we were change and according to Christian standard was wrong
Our family supported us seeing change and commitment on us, they did support us with everything we may need till we move to our own place did move away from home four years after marriage, our son Mathw was three at that time
My wife Dolly was a loving and supporting that way I see her, she did not have a problem to stay at home, if she want to visit ,she do so.i did not have a problem me neither to have her around always but I home needed to be looked and kept well neatly. Therefore, we visit, every month she could come during end off and come home together
In 1992, she start not to come and in our regular visit as plan dates, my people started to gossip around me "you wife cheat on you "that I did not take, because I trusted her with my heart.i heard that even at church she miss many service, she was absence often, I trust my wife, because we make a promise never to go back. we both make a promise that we will not do something stupid to hurt ourselves and our baby
Somehow my son used to speak about the uncle I never meet that even Dolly never mention to me but I did ignored it.i only knew uncle John, who use to visit us but the other uncle I don't know, the person was not even a member at our church not even a Christian
That was nothing I could had to worry about, I am a man who like a family and I use to visit every family and relative often during my holydays whenever I get a chance and my family was with me all around
But something that could never get a chance to explain, happen somewhere in 1994,I stop in the doo for two minutes and no one had seen me or notice my presence at the door, the door was not locked so anyone could open so easy and enter. for me it was my house and room, I didn't expect anything such like that I had seen on that day, I was so speechless, but a word of courage and stupid, "don't waste your energy on this, move away, do nothing ,forgive them "that word, voice from inside me help me to calm down heard another one "why want to waste your energy on something you can't change, why worry about too, your son you should worry about because you care "I rush and go straight to my son 's room and think about tomorrow but my mind was blink. at that point I accepted a reality of defet.there were many reason to be angry off but I did choose to calm myself down, it was now on my son and my love was all to him
That was a cross road of my life, it was not the end
Yes, I will never leave my son; I will not run from my house and family for another man. My wife even if I run, she will be still mother of my son, the person who I once married
She is the one to choose, I will never force or fight her ,for my boy's life's will wait for her to come to her senses and tell me a full story and what she suggest should be done now, it was hard I even lose my job and only thing was a cancelling ahead of me to survived this
I was not prepared to forgive or feel sorry for her
That taken us a week, while she wait to hear me speak and final she came clean
Nevertheless, my wife, remember I did love you with all my heart, I trusted you with my heart, what were you thinking, do you think we can live after this but what do you attend to do now?


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