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a childhood desroyed

Short story By: mrcoolyouso
True confessions

This is my true unettitwd teirj about my. Child hood. Rhwrw will be some type errors I will edit in my final version.

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I have a story to tell about a boy with ADHD ( Attention defeauts hiperbactive disorder). Well, actually ADD ( Attention deffeset disorder). It may be hard to read at times.a kid fighting ADD and the side effects with the medexine. Here it is an unwddited sad truth about a kid growing up in the small town of waverly Iowa. Id like to jump right into the expereance that changed my life. I was just starting to go to school and was in kindergarten. As I said wrleir I suffer from ADD. Little did I know. I started out as any other kindergarten student except I was not normal. I was always hurting people, making jokes, and gooffing off. That was mostly fouled by my ADD and bu my so called friend jordon. As the days went by I was led into doing bad things by jordon. And soon I was forced to transfer schools from carry school to shell rock school and was forced to take medicine. At first the mess were alright. They where alright until someday I don't remember the date but it was somewhere around 2nd grade. I dist notice it untill around 4th or fifth grade. As the summer between 4th and 5th grade went on, I did not take medicine furring the summer. I started 5th grade just like kindergarten. Unroll I was put on meds gain. Vivamce was the nmw. I felt a big change in mood. I was depressed all thrue 5th grade. I also never ate lunch. U got very skinny. If anyone can pick a part of their life when they felt the most like the most worthless peace of sh*th on eath, thia was mine. Fun me was gone. As the weeks turned into monthes and monthes turned into years I tried different meds. But they all made me fell the same way. As I entered 6th grade I was on meds. Pumped up like a drug atect in a crack den. I am still in 6th grade but on a different meds; Filkaline. I cant help but wonder about all the laghs ive missed out on. All the childhood memories ive missed out on. All the food I didn't get to enjoy. As I lay here in bed crying tears run down my face. Then I was reminded about a zpersion called acidwntal bear. A writer that was molested when he was 11. I was inspired. By him I remembered how brave he was to come out tobthe whloe worlwld anourvit at the Same time. He was the one that motivated me. As I lay here right now tears running down my face 11:32 pm Friday night I cry over wvwey thing. All tjw memories EVERYTHING. I think about how o would be id I was born normal. How ahppy I would be. I wouldnt have to cry ebwru night just to keep from exploding. It wasn't until recently until I added research to the mix. TO BE CONTENUED.....


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