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The Stalker Becomes The Stalked: Sequel to I'm A Stalker

By: Ned Flanders

Page 1, I learn what it\'s like to be on the other side of the stalking situation.

The Stalker Becomes the Stalked

Hello everyone. I am the one who wrote "What Can I Say? I'm a Stalker." and I now have a new installment to the "Stalking" series that I like to call "The Stalker Becomes the Stalked."

I have a tendency to be overprotective, and in some form people refer to this as stalking. However, you know what sucks? When someone starts stalking you. And they're really obvious and bad at it. And they're creepy.

I don't want to give this person's name away (in case they find this) but let's call them "Jack."

Well Jack is in my carpool and in one of my classes. I've known Jack for.. ugh three years.

Jack's a f***ing creep.

I thought Jack had a crush on me last year. It's Very obvious that he does this year. I do not like Jack. I like a different boy who we will call... Justin.

Justin barely knows I exist. I like Justin. Jack likes me. A girl liked Jack but he rejected her. What a dick.

Anyway, I'm just really frustrated because I used to stalk the deacon at my church through the internet but now "Jack" is stalking me, and he really sucks at it. So whatever...

The stalker has now become the stalked...

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