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Fiction story based on truth. It is both sad and very personal. Be Gentle and safe.

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Sitting quietly in the corner, her face speckled with dirt and one pony-tail lower than the other, the little girl sat whispering secrets to her rag doll.

"Someday sally Sue, you and I will have a great adventure where there will be wild animals and beautiful sunsets and ocean waves and jungle safaris." Then she got up to check the door and her lip quivered as she sat down again with the doll.

Sitting in the dark corner, hearing all the children laugh and play in the classroom, the little girl sat quietly holding the lock of Sally Sue's braid. Whispering softly, "Someday Sally Sue, we will go on a great adventure and there will be cotton candy and bluebirds and big castles and rainbows with no end."
Sitting in the corner of a dark room, the girl who had long since put dolls away whispered, "Someday Sally Sue we will go on a great adventure with sea gulls and sand in a faraway land where the water is clear and the weather is fine and we'll leave all the corners behind."

Sitting in the corner with her knees to her chest, her eyes swollen shut and a pain with each breath, the girl looked at Sally Sue up on the shelf and said under her breath, "Someday Sally Sue, we will go on a great adventure, we will I promise. It's been a long time but it's coming, it's coming and we will find.. clouds as white as fresh fallen snow, and horses running freely, and beautiful streams, prince charming with diamonds and pearls."

Sitting in the corner, the young woman held Sally Sue wrapped in a blanket and whispered softly, "Someday Sally Sue.." but she didn't finish what she was saying. She just sat there looking at the doll then clenched her doll to her chest and laid very still and the adventure began…

She got into the car and slid dutifully to the center of the seat. She turned her back slightly so she didn't have to look at the one driving, so she didn't have to look at him. Quiet and full of fear she sat quivering inside. Her hand held a flower that he had given her from the yard, just a dandelion. He drove down the dusty gravel road to the end where the dilapidated old church was nestled in the grove of oak trees. Her breath became shallow and uneven as fear crept up her back and arms to her face. Night fell and the stars appeared bright and twinkling in the sky as he marred the innocence that was once a part of the child in the car.

Thoughts of escape flooded the child's mind as the hands of the one molded around her face and changed forever her view of the world around her and within. Bitterness stung the heart as the trust that once was so dear melted like ice in a cup on a hot summer's day. Never again would she feel the same about anything that touched her life.

In the star lit night that child's heart and mind aged one hundred years as her once pink and carefree heart turned ashy and gray. The innocence that once was left and emptiness filled the place where warm cider and puppy dog kisses once lived without sadness. The flower she held in her had fell to the ground and withered in the sweltering heat of that hot summer night and a tiny tear slid down the face of the girl onto the Sally Sue's porcelain face as they go again on the first of many such adventures.

The girl mumbles under her breath one last time, "Sally Sue, I'm so sorry to have lied so much to you. I promised pretty birds and sunsets and candy and things so nice and the only adventures I have taken you on were ones that caused us both tears and pain."


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