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Dear Friend... :)

Short story By: Seer
True confessions

Well this is a poem thing that i wrote to a good friend after i hurt them:/ You get the jist in the poem... I didn't know how to say sorry, so i did this instead. Thankyou for reading & enjoy :)

Submitted:Sep 13, 2011    Reads: 53    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Where to start... I guess it starts at the beginning with one love here and there,

But always as best friends, did we seem to listen, to care.

While your feelings grew and eventually you wanted to show,

I would convince myself, why not give it a go?

Letting my head rule my heart,

Up to the point I felt I was breaking your heart.


Why is it awkward? Is it because it just is,

Or is it something else...

We don't talk much anymore,

I don't tell you if I'm lying in despair on the floor.

When we were friends, I would tell you everything I could,

Now I feel like I can't tell you but I should.

I should feel happiness and love for you,

I tried so hard, but the says were few.


I'm not myself, you've noticed too?

Maybe because, this isn't working with you.

I love you, but as my best friend,

I hate that I have to hurt you in the end.

I tried to think of a better way,

But a piece of me is dying each day.

I care for you, so much I can't see,

Why i can't or wont let you love me.


Yes it's different and most things have changed,

So has the way we are with eachother, is it not strange?

We've talked a bit but not enough,

And everyone says, endings are tough.


So who's the one hurting? and who's the one who's free?

Niether of these questions apply to you or me.

I've been hurt many times, you have too,

Now it kills me knowing, I'm hurting you.

It was so different when we were friends,

I could garantee our friendship would never come to an ends.


Now we're something more,

And our love? Well it's somewhat poor.

This isn't what it should feel like is it?

I know you can see it aswell,

We're both feeling trapped in a prison cell.


Either way, someone's gonna get hurt. It's always been like that and always will be.

It's hurting me to fake a smile, when we both know it's false.


We're lying to eachother, the feelings we bear,

Knowing it can't go on, as much a we think we care.

So I'm sorry for letting this go on,

I'm sorry for letting you believe a con.

I'm sorry for losing such a great friend like you,

I wish to make a mends and be good friends too.

Though now it'll never be the same,

Our once strong friendship, extinguished like a flame.


And I hope that in time you'll be able to forgive,

All the horrible things I did.

For now i wish we were friends,

But as one says 'love always comes to an ends'.

I'm sorry for the way it was done,

I'm sorry for destroying your fun.


A final conclusion, as science has said,

I hope and pray our friendship isn't dead.

I want back the old times, don't you?

We laughed, we joked, with pinapples too.

And all those times were better then,

When we were nothing, but good friends.


I dedicate this poem to you,

With every ounce in my body, it's true.

I care for you and love you as my friend,

I hope you will see that in the end.

It's better this way, we're back to us,

Could even be best friends again, without a fuss.


But you need time, I understand,

I'll always be here to hold your hand.

I'll be there for you, just like before,

But being good friends is better, forever and more...

Thankyou for reading! comment with opinions :)


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