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the question...

By: stitchlover21

Page 1, well,this kinda not like a short story,kinda blogging? bt wat the hell...this happen last seems like our very 1st real fight...over a simple n fair question...after the fight this is how i felt

for the very 1st time ever,

we really fought

over a simple n fair question

why cant u just answer it?

u said u dun care what i think

but why when i ask that question inn my fb for people's opinions

you commented it n kinda was angry?

then the fb war happens

seriously we never acted this way, especially me thou

never ever my intention of watever doin....wants to hurt u

but that day,im just so pissed that u couldnt answer that question

i guess my mind just when insane n things got out of control

we bashing each other on fb

n friends were all in shock

never they see me acting this way

what more saying harsh word publicly...

threw my hp to the wall

my room was a mess

in the end i stop comment

deleted the post n off my laptop

i dun remember what happen

but the next day i woke up

wif my right hand bruise n bleed

since im a medical student,radiographer

i xray my hand,yeah it is indeed broken...

but the weird thing after the whole fb war is

my numb

n my mind is balnk...

up until now i feel that way

n for someone like me its not normal

i wonder if this is how people feel after they fought with their bff???

or is this a feeling of worn out???

i really dunno....

but at the same time

i just feel so peace thou

so im really confused

very confused...

well, i deactivated my fb account

i didnt receive any txt from her

n i sure as hell aint gonna txt her 1st..

well,guess this is all i want to share


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