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A summary of the memories I've spent and known of a girl named Giselle.

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Giselle, I can easily say is very different from the type of friends I've had. She in a way is very much like me. I first met Giselle through Mandy. She was walking in the hallways with her, and I asked her who she was. She looked Russian, which she took a little offensively when I told her that and proudly stated she was Albanian. She was a thin girl with small features. She had beautiful curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and braces. She had a scar on the top of her upper right side of her lip, but that didn't stop her from looking so pretty. I didn't know how she got that scar that looked like someone cut her, but I didn't want to offend her, so I never asked until I was sure it was okay to talk of it.

Giselle had a very strong personality. Like me, she easily got angry and annoyed, but unlike me she was impatient, and outspoken. Many times, she was too outspoken. What I liked about her was that she always defended herself and had an "I don't give a fuck what people think, they can all kiss my ass" attitude. She was always the social one and guys always chased her. She was also one of the few girls that dressed decent and rarely wore make-up. With her personality and looks, people easily respected her (and some feared). Unlike Mandy, it was hard to get Giselle to open up to me and trust me. She was more like me than I had ever imagined. We both were so stubborn and told each other things that would easily make us want to know more about each other. Since we had a "I don't trust you yet" type of thing, we didn't tell each other secrets or anything like that until much later. Despite that, Giselle and I became very close anway.

We became terrible influences on each other. I had more of the fault sometimes. With the stress I faced, I cut school too much and dragged her with me, and I had gotten into a habit of smoking cigarettes. As she said, she smoked a cigarette once every blue moon, or 5 months. Which I was surprised but in a way respected how she was able to control any urges. She would sometimes ask for a drag, and deep down I felt terrible for letting her even smoke. I would usually tell her that I would let her have only the "ace" as people called it (the very end of a cigg, which was basically less than half of the cigg), because I didn't want her smoking a full one. Before we became close, she would usually say how boring I was, but she had no idea of who I was.

At first, I was always quiet, but when she got to know me, she knew that I wasn't the same girl she had met a couple months ago. I was just as crazy as her and together we were inseparable. We walked the halls together, did everything together. I sometimes felt that she was a better friend than Mandy ever was. She was more considerate and understading despite how outspoken and crazy she was. I can't deny that I became closer to Giselle so much that I had forgotten about Mandy at a point. One day I was questioned about who I was closer friends with. Mandy and Giselle being in a little situation where they weren't too fond of each other, I told them that they were both dear friends to me and whatever issue they had, they should patch it up and leave me out of it. I didn't want to take sides, but I still mentioned why they were both wrong.

Till this day, they aren't close friends, and dislike each other. It has come to the point where I much rather prefer Giselle over Mandy. As terrible as that sounds, Giselle makes me a much better person and vice versa. She has a certain influence on me, while Mandy doesn't make much of a difference in my life like the way I do in hers. I'm just someone she opens up to because she's used to it with me, but to Giselle I'm actually her only closest friend that she doesn't want to let go of. We help each other in many ways, and I feel as though she really is my sister. No matter how far away I am from her, the second we hang out we click like nothing ever changed. The funny part is that we always compete in everything. Some may say that a friendship like that is bound to crash, but this way we help each get better at what we're doing.

I remember one day she told me she went to the gym with her neighbor (ex bestfriend) Nina. Nina was a flirty type of girl and although fun to be with, was a major distraction. Giselle would come back saying she had a better work out from walking there and coming back than actually being in the gym with her. Giselle used to be overweight, and had developed high cholesterol. Due to that, it was very important that she worked out to lower it even though she was in great shape, and there was nothing she was more dedicated to than her workouts. One day she told me she had a one week free pass to the gym, and she wanted me to go with her. I said okay. When we got there, she showed me a few things around the gym. I told her I had been to a gym before and she didn't need to go in such depth of what to do. She usually did a warm up, then went straight to the treadmill for cardio, so I did the same thing. She was a very fast runner, and I didn't run as much.

Despite that, every time she increased the speed of her treadmill so did I, and when she saw how fast I was running she kept increasing her speed too. It was almost like a race of who could run faster. We basically did the same thing for every other machine. The next day she told me she couldn't even walk normally, and that I should join the same gym with her so that she can actually have a better work out. It was always fun being with her, even when we did compete. Even if we sometimes aggravated each other so much, we never went a day without talking. After Mandy became so distant, Giselle was the only one that I really talked to. I was convinced she was the only friend that I never wanted to separate from. With so much in common and so many ways we benefit each other, it would be a big mistake to ruin anything. I can easily say, she is the most decent and honest friend I have ever had. And I consider her family, and I just hope nothing ever changes. But who knows? Life is full of surprises.


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