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How To Change Your Life-Students

Short story By: UglyDog20
True confessions

I used to be a geeky, acne smeared, kid who didn't understand why his life was so bad. The secret I've learned is to try to change things for the better. This is my story, if you can relate to it try to learn from it.

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This is a story that I decided to write for all those growing up, young, awkward, slightly-geeky guys who want something better to come along. For you guys I have only one thing to say, it won't happen. For if there is one thing that I've learned growing up its that something better doesn't just fall from the sky, it doesn't appear magically in front of you, and you have to do it yourself. Now I'm sure that there are some lucky few who have had this happen for you so I'll try to explain in the simplest manner I know how, you got lucky. For most of us it wasn't that easy, it will never be easy. And to prove it to you I'm going to tell you my story, if you think that I'm full of bull at the end that's your decision. But if you think that I'm right then I beg you, get out there, make things better, you only have one life, make the most of it.
Middle School: 6th Grade
I suppose I should start at the beginning, like all good stories. So lets start at the beginning of middle school. I was a 5 foot 4 blond haired kid with a really high opinion of myself and not a lot to back it up. I had a too-big backpack, a laptop that I carried around most of the time, and a lot of books. I was your typical geeky kid, minus the glasses, acne, and braces (only one of those things stayed the same). Back then life was a lot simpler, I could do whatever I really wanted because to me it was fine, I didn't think about the consequences, I just thought about how I could do it. And et me explain something right off the bat, I wasn't a bad kid, I didn't cause anyone any harm, I was just really…naïve about the world I guess you'd say. So this is how it went for my freshman year in Middle School. Found a great (I thought so at the time) group of people to hang out with. I recall their names were Kyle, Niam, Jeffrey, Richard, and some others. And we pretty much hung out whenever we could. I was never one to go to dances; I never went to any social events, hell I never left the house if I could help it. So my freshman year in middle school was spent doing absolutely nothing, yep that's right nothing happened life-changing at all. At this point your probably wondering why I'm even telling you this story if nothing's happening. It must look like I'm just doing it for fun, your wrong. I have to give you background information for you to really understand, so bear with me, I'm not a professional writer after all.
Middle School: 7th Grade
I would comment more on my second year at middle school but the truth is that nothing changed, I hung around with the same people, did the same things (which is to say nothing) and basically just existed for a year more. So another year was wasted, nothing happened, anybody else seeing a pattern here?
Middle School: 8th Grade
Ah now we're finally getting into some changes, 8th grade brought along a lot of bad things that I now look back on and pity myself for. The first change would be my eyesight (we talked about this right?) All my life I had perfect eyesight, 20-20, and suddenly when my body hit puberty everything went out of wack. From there on out it was glasses for me, which really are not great by the way. The second change, acne. Now I know most of you have had acne, zits, pimples, pustules, whatever you want to call them, but my case was especially bad. These two things led to me being ridiculed by my peers, horribly. I became known as pizza-face, 4-eyes, you name it that was me. The saying "kids can be so cruel" could've been my motto back then. But another big change was happening as well, I was becoming more aware of the world. I could see the inner workings of society, how social networks actually came about. Alas I realized this too late, I was an outcast, a loner. And because of this I built a wall, I put on a mask which served me faithfully. It was my shield, my only weapon towards the world, and inside it I became….cold, and uncaring. (Again I feel the need to point out that I wasn't bad, the urge to hurt others emotionally or physically never occurred within me, I was just mad at others for treating me badly. So don't judge me too badly please.) And with this new attitude I learned how to control my emotions and to block out other peoples words, the problem was that once you put on a mask its hard to take off. For those of you who have no idea what im talking about then you have never really been an outcast, you feel safe inside your mask, your shield from others, and eventually it becomes a part of you like any piece of clothing you have. And so I graduated to high school like this, a short guy with a bad case of acne, glasses, and a cold exterior, needless to say I didn't have a good couple of first years at high school.
High School: 9th Grade
High School is a very different experience from middle school, for one there are a lot more people. Another big change is your friends, that you'd been hanging around for the last three years, had left you, moved onto another school and leaving you alone. Now its hard enough going to a new school, but without any friends and with my appearance it was impossible. So for the entire year I was a loner, hanging out on my own, meeting acquantences and basically just getting by, by myself. It was also this year my body began to grow, I stretched out 8 inches the span of this year and it was definitely not fun. Eventually near the end I did meet a group of people, some of which id known in Middle School, and I joined there group. Unfortunatley they werent the nicest of fellows and I soon realized that I was the scape-goat in the group, the target. I was being used as a way to vent their anger and frustration of themselves by hurling insults at me, I was used to this by now. So I entered my 2nd year of High School, 10th grade, in a state of depression and generally feeling bad about life.
High School: 10th Grade
You've all been very patient if you've read this far so I don't want to let you down. I will say this was my worst year of High School, but it was also the last bad year. So pay close attention guys, this is where most of the changes start. First change: contacts. If you've ever switched over from glasses to contacts you know what im talking about, they're comfortable, change your entire look, and they make life better.
The second change was my acne, throughout the last couple of years it got progressively worse, this year it peaked. Now I don't want to disgust you with the details but I feel I must, my face was flaking, every inch covered in ulcers. I had to do exercises to move my face, and the pimples were making tunnels underneath my skin for the puss. Yeah I know gross but that's how bad it was. It was this year that I discovered something called Acutane. Warning: This is a serious drug that can affect your life, do not use without the express permission of your doctor, it can be fatal. Acutane basically works with your liver and other parts of your body to stop you from sweating, seems simple right? Well in actuality it dries you up faster than Las Vegas. But its like dropping a nuclear bomb on your face, everything disappears. I've been told that it varies from person to person but I wont lie, it was horrible being on this drug. I had no energy, wasn't thinking straight, and was generally miserable. But my zits went away, and I would've gladly done anything for that, to the extent of being lit on fire.
Now that we've gotten past the major nasty part I want to tell you the third change, I began to look around and see my life for what it was. I wasn't actually living, I was just existing! And whats more I didn't like how it felt, how I felt. And I thought to myself, "Why is this happening, what can I do." My answer was simple, change it, get off my lazy ass and do something about it. So I vowed that next year I would.
High School: 11th Grade
This is the year everything turned around, I became happy and I whenever I think about it I can't help but smile. The first thing I did was I ditched my old group, they weren't helping me and I was being used as a target, had to change. I found a best friend in a guy named Jordan. Let me describe Jordan to you, he's about 6 foot 4 (to my now 6 foot status), has beach blond hair (mine at this point is brownish) and he has a big heart. He's not the brightest guy, but he's really loyal and I don't know how my life would've turned out without him. With Jordan also came the opportunity to join a new group, which I was in desperate need of. (Now you might be thinking the only reason I wanted Jordan as a friend was his group, again your wrong, I wanted Jordan as a friend because I was lonely and beaten down and I couldn't stand it anymore.) This group was something I had never seen before, they weren't mean, didn't insult each other, and they tried their best not to hurt others feelings. To me it was like being placed on an alien planet. There were around 11 of us if I do recall right, me, Jordan, Melissa, Brennan, Brian, Masen, Tyson, Kelsea, Alicia, Grant, and Scott. You already know me and Jordan so how bout I introduce the rest.
First off there's Melissa, (you'll get to know more about her later too) she is a pretty girl with brown hair down to her shoulders and a purple strip running along the left side of her hair, she is about 5 foot 3 and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Next up is Brennan, she's Melissa's best friend and also very good friends with Brian, she has blond hair down to her shoulders, a knack for drawing, and a happy, up-beat attitude. Brian is a short-ish guy that has a very chill attitude, meaning he goes with the flow, he is loyal and a very good friend. Masen jokes he's God, and for some reason we all let him, he is very sarcastic but has a good heart and is compassionate if the mood strikes him. Tyson is Masens twin brother but they're nothing alike, Tyson is more mature and more serious. Kelsea is the only senior in the group, she and Alicia are inseparable best friends and I really don't know much about them. Grant is huge and skinny, like 6 foot 7, we have debates all the time about issues and usually we call it a draw because we're both so stubborn. And finally Scott, the only sophomore, he is quite like me a couple of years ago, naïve and trusting, but he's had a good group the entire time so he's never had a problem, I really hate thinking about what'll happen to him when we all leave. So now you know the group I came into.
This year was the best one I've ever had, I had a great group, began to make friends, and finally began to interact with others. I can honestly say that I get a tear in my eye whenever I think of it along with a smile on my face. And as you can see it didn't just fall into my lap, I didn't just wait for something better to come along. I changed my attitude, tried to do something about my life and it worked!
Summer: 11th Grade
So you might be wondering why I've never talked about summers? It's because I really don't remember most of them, I was in a world of video games, and internet. It was sad how badly id become addicted to these things but not entirely surprising, what else was there to do? I had no friends, no places to go, and too much free time. I craved school to start yet when it did I was just an outcast. This year was different, I had friends to talk to, something to look forward to! And it was also this summer I began to date, Melissa as it turned out. You remember her, the pretty girl with brown hair and a strip of purple. In fact I'm sitting in my bed right now writing about all this and in two days its our first date. And I'm writing this to all of you out there who are waiting for something to happen and I beg you not to, look at my story, see how bad my life was, and look at what a little effort can do. I was once a little geeky kid with raging acne and a horrible place in life, I now have a clean face, friends that I love being around, and a girl that's great. Don't let what happened to me happen to you, don't waste the first 14 years of your life, make the most of it. Because at the end of the day you only have one chance, so throw the dice, take a chance, be adventurous, and please try to live like you want to.
I would appreciate comments or reviews but it's up to you.


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