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Country: United States
Favorite book: This is a rather hard question...
Member Since: Apr 16, 2014

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Novel by veiled
Posted: May 3, 2014
A girl keeps to herself throughout her high school year,...
Tags:love, romance, relationships, friends, school, dreams, high school, soulmate, boys, wishing, crush

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Novel by veiled
Posted: May 3, 2014
A girl keeps to herself throughout her high school year,...

I am an average girl leading an average life. However, I love reading and writing with a passion. I imagine wild and let my dreams soar high. I am here to tell you guys my story. Whether at home or in public, I always have an idea for a story. My only problem is coming up with how to write them. I hope you all enjoy my profile. And remember that I Iove you all!!!


Novels I'm reading:

The Progeny by MissGangamash

Carrie Me Home by Ami Holding

Love In The Land Of Dragons by Nikki Evans

Spare My Blood by Lady Cataluna

No Ordinary Girls by ag2girl

Moonlight Mystery by KW156766

Growing Tails by P3anut

Counting Rainbows by tk456

Authors on Booksie that I like:

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Yulia                             Alex the shadow girl

MissGangamash        ag2girl

Ami Holding                Origins and Tall Tales

Lady Cataluna            Complicated Girl

InCaylable                   Thea Raine

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LiveItLikeASong         KW156766

areyhl                           P3anut

tk456                            KodamaKiss


NEWS: I'm sorry about how long it's been since I updated One, but I just haven't been in the writing mood lately. I am trying my hardest to finish the next chapter, and maybe I'll even get the extra urge to write. However, I have lately been thinking about story ideas that I want to get out, but I promised myself that I would finish One before I started uploading new work. I do have some ideas for One, but it's just the matter of how to write them and when to put them in that I'm struggling with. I'm trying not to get too carried away with the other stories though, as I have to finish One as quick as I can before more things appear. The most I can suggest is to watch out for a new update on my page; hopefully this explination (did I even spell that right lol XD) won't be for too much longer and instead it will say something like "The next chapter of One is out!" Again, I am really sorry, but I am trying my hardest.


Reading Request Information ***PLEASE READ***

     * I like mostly fantasy, romance, the occasional fanfic (if it's part of a fandom I like/don't mind), stories that include animals, and scf-fi every now and then.

     * Please don't spam me with reading requests. If you do, it will get very annoying. Just putting that out there.

     * Don't expect me to read an entire novel you have written and not read at least of few bits amd pieces of my works. It's not cool when you just request without even thinking about reading my work. Even if it one chapter of my novel that just so happend to be the shortest one. Have some curtesy. By the way, I don't think I spelled that right.... Oh well.

     * If you leave a request, I would personally appreciate if you left information whether it's a novel/short story/poem/etc. I would also love if you left a short summary about your work if it's a novel. This is helpful for me to get a sense of whether I would want to read it or not.


Read my novel, One, on Booksie today! One is a story told from the mind of your average high school girl. Along the way, she encounters things such as annoying teachers, best friends, nagging parents, rude cheerleaders, and one of the hottest guys in school.



Besides being braindead and also being away, there is partly another reason why One will have chapters released at a messed up time. I am currently working on two other novels that I will put on my account in the future. However, I will not post them until I'm done writing One. One of these novels is being written on paper, so updates for it will be relsead at a quicker pace. Let's just call it Novel 2 for now so things won't get so confusing. The second novel, Novel 3, I am more prioritized on at the moment since the idea is more fresh in my head. I'm actually kinda spending more time on it than I am on One! I think that I will post Novel 3 before Novel 2, but I'm not quite sure yet, To have a bit of a teaser to Novel 3, I suggest checking out the music video to Chandelier by Sia. For a second teaser, the video to watch it Titanium by David Guetta fy Sia (I know ironic, huh? Both songa have Sia.). These two videos are my main inspriation to the storyline, so they are perfect if you want to know more about Novel 3. If you want to watch only one video and two, the better video to watch is Chandelier. Also, try to remember what I mean for the future if I say that "Novel 2 is up" or "The first few chapters of Novel 3 are up." This way, everything about the story can be a surprise.


Some more about me:

  • I am only thirteen.
  • I used to have another Booksie acoount when I was eleven called ShadowWolf369. Just for the record, I know I chose a stupid number. It was just a group of random numbers that I came up with.
  • I love sitcoms. Some of my favorites are Friends, That 70's Show, and How I Met Your Mother.
  • My taste of music is very very very wierd. If I were to name the bands/artists I like, it would be chaos. For example, I love One Direction, but I also like to listen to Slipknot every once in a while. Let's just say that not only do I like a boyband, I also like a band that most people think of as rather satanic. Lol.
  • I have always wanted to be part of a girl band. I have no idea why. I blame Little Mix for that partly.
  • Once when I was around five ir six, I accidentally cut myself with a butter knife. I know, embarassing isn't it?
  • My favorite colors include blue, green, purple, and red. The one I prefer the most is blue, though.
  • I love doing accents and characters with my voice. I can kinda do a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, a goat impression, and a lisp.


What I like: chicken, Dr. Pepper, anime, YouTube, watermelon, animals, music (like 99.9% of my musical diet includes pop and rock), RotBTD, Vocaloids, K-Pop, movies that are based off of books (I don't know, I just love them lol), XBOX, drawing, mythology, fantasy, romance, many different fandoms (I will not be able to list them; besides, it would be super random), comments, fan requests, and chibi pictures of Loki with cats.

*Doesn't this just melt your heart. I mean JusT LOok At iT!!!*

Time for some random Little Mix lyrics!!!


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