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This essay is antiwar. If you think this subject may bother you because of personal opinion...Please do not read. If an opinion does not bother you than by all means...Read! I love everybody on here for their honesty. Enjoy and be honest.

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When a person thinks of mankind, the same person could list multiple thoughts of what makes human beings different than any other being on earth. Humanity is a collective of creative beings who sometimes love, sometimes dream, and sometimes seek out knowledge. We take care of our children, for the most part. We create art and music, we invent technology, and we savor intelligence in math, science, and history. We also hate. We, like most living things, find our mortal end in death. We learn about history, but we forget it repeats itself. We create technology, sometimes with the use of science, which also includes creating instruments of death. Mathematically, we subtract from our own existence. Our favorite past time has often seemed delivering death with our own hands. We are the reaper.

What is war? It is homicide created on a world stage. It isn't murder of just one person. It is the savage killing of the multitudes. It is murder of men, women, and children. What causes war? It certainly is not derived from knowledge that learns from its mistakes. It is caused by stupidity. It is skeletons in the closets of angry old men, their twisted way of venting testosterone, and the epitome of control and power. Sometimes, it belongs to the individual who wants to control people by fear and death. Hitler would quickly come to mind with this. He single handedly helped initiate World War II, and he brought to people the first true mega death; the death of a million people. War can start from a group. The Vietnam War could be attributed to politics of the US government. More than one war has been initiated at national levels by both communism and democracy. Sometimes war starts over land. It starts from supply and demand. A good example of supply and demand is luxury commodities such as oil, precious metals, and diamonds. As the demand for corn ethanol increases, could we possibly mark Iowa as a third world nation and simply kill everyone? This sounds funny, but it seems to be the thought process of war involving other wanted items of men. War is not funny. It is death.

War is caused by feelings in control of actions. It is the selfish, senseless homicide of living beings. It is not always fought by offensive movements of a nation or tribe declaring war. It can be for survival. It can be for defense. It can prevent extinction of a race. Most of the time, it is not for these reasons. War, sometimes is a national test of courage, power of weaponry, and bragging rights to a few ignorant men. We leave single men and groups of men to decide our future. Leadership can lead us into better places in life. It can destroy as well. We can sometimes see the physical results of war in the media, but do we see the deeper, more engrained effects?

We can see the craters on television from our own smart bombs. We see refugees marching to more destruction as they sometimes run from death. We see amputees in children, women, and men. We see harm on civilians, we see harm to the innocent. We see bravery on film, but we do not see what is inside the concept of war. We do not see the extreme sadness caused by the loss of friends, family, and loved ones. We do not know the traumatic mentality of those who have witnessed death and those who have delivered. My father was a Vietnam Veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. He used alcohol and chemicals to escape the pain and nightmares, and he abused without ever carrying a memory of what he was doing. War was then passed on to me and my siblings. It takes years and billions of dollars to recover a war torn area. It takes generations to move beyond the underlying pain of war. It is sad to see images of a child running in pain after she was burned with napalm. Did she live? What does she feel today? Did mankind get what it wanted?

We could think about war and its damages. Will that change humanities mindset? It probably will not. It has been said that every generation will somehow experience the effects of war. It would be nice if everyone could see the damages brought on by war. It would be nice to see that senseless death carried out by human hands would end. Throughout the centuries of mankind, this has never happened. It would be unassuming to believe this could ever occur either. History has shown that many graves have been filled with the corpses of good people. It has shown it will repeat, and more graves will continue to be filled. How many artists, inventors, or leaders have died? How many wonderful people have been destroyed from the inside and out? How many families will never be the same before we change? Will we live a future which desires to sustain life? War is a travesty and tragedy people can never escape. In my life, I can attest to this…


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