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In Remembrance of Auschwitz

Article By: Mistress of Word Play
War and military

This article is written in remembrance of those who died and those who survived the concentration camps through WWII. I will not forget.

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There has been much discussion among the younger generation that some of the incidents which occurred through World War II were myth or a type of propaganda if you will. I am speaking of course about the Nazi regimn and how it treated and worked to exterminate certain people deemed undesirable by Hitler and his associates. Most people think of the undesirables as persons born Jewish or with a Jewish bloodline. Hitler considered many people to be inferior.
On his list of people he looked to eradicate were people of Jewish descent, Gypsies, Soviet prisoners of war, and dissidents of Polish nationality. He also seemed to be able with his Secret Police, the SS, to ferret out anyone who could and would oppose him. They were also placed on his list.
Here are some facts for the non-believers and those who may be unaware of what truly happened, in this one of the darkest wars ever fostered by a madman.
Auschwitz one of the most infamous of the prison camps was actually three separate camps.
Auschwitz I was the first concentration camp and was the site where roughly 70,000 innocent people were murdered. The exterminations were administered many different ways, none of them were kind or humane. The people who died here were ethnic Poles and Soviet prisoners of war.
Auschwitz II was an extermination camp and was the site where 960,000 Jews, 75,000 Poles, and roughly 19,000 Gypsies were put to death. These people were also subjected to a variety of horrors and tortures before they were killed. Men, women, and children were herded like cattle on to rail cars and transported to Auschwitz II. Here they were tortured, experimented on, starved, beaten, degraded, and then put to death. Even in death there was no dignity for these poor souls with bruised and battered bodies were pushed into mass graves.
Auschwitz III was a labor camp were people also suffered and died doing the bidding of a tyrannical overseer. The people who were at this camp were probably the most unfortunate, because they begged for death and it never came.
There were other camps set up all over Europe. Many more innocents suffered and perished.
I just wanted to share this with the skeptics, those who speak before thinking, those who see only what they would like to see. I had hoped that what happened through the trying times of World War II and the horror which some people still live through each day of their lives, would be remembered by all the people of the world. In remembering we learn. If we do not learn, history has a way of repeating itself.


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