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A short article on patriotism, throoughout england and america.

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I decided this morning that I was going to try and write an article for booksie as I have yet to finish my story, and I don't feel that its fair that I am reading some of the great works on here, without some contributions of my own, and so I figured I would look through some of the articles and I found one on Remembrance day, which stated that and this is a direct quote "anyone who willingly joins the army is a coward and should be treated as such."
At the end of this article it is written that this is not up for debate, however, this is a public thread, and I am entertaining my freedom of speech and writing this back to put my point on the table. As is fair in any Debate, I will post the link to said article at the end of my own.
Im going to start the article by stating here, before anything else is said, that I strongly believe that nowhere near eneugh effort is made to avoid wars by politicians, and that, in agreeance with the other article, we often are fighting on the whims of the corrupt and powerfull. However without our soldiers, who are highly decorated as some of the bravest in the world, the country would be at threat from all corners. At the heart of all alliances is the countries power, of econimy and of military force. Making the balance between these two factors is an essential for every country, and is under no circumstance an easy task. With the money we put into our armed forces, we could build hospitals, schools, fire trucks and policing, and make our country the single most economicly powerful countries in the world. However if this was at the cost of our military, we would also be losing the core of our society. Those who have protected us from every major threat we have ever faced, and will all being well, continue to do so throughout history. Wether or not our afghanistan and irish wars are being fought rightly or wrongly, they are being fought. Without the bravery of our troops, we would be destroyed by the terrorrists, as any country without a military backing would be a prime target for the real evil masterminds of the world. Contrary to the film and gaming culture we are being brought up in, Our wars are not won on the backs of a few, but on the heroics of nearly every man and woman in the armed forces, and to a smaller, but equilly emportant extent, the people who remain here, in this country, giving them something to fight for.
In regards to the poppy burning that went on, I havnt yet had time to look into what exactly went on, although I can say with some confidence, that it will have been a minority faction, of who there will be no true patriots to the cultures involved, wether its our majority of christians, or the moslims. Our country is, and has been under strain from our political feuds between religions for quite some time. It is more likely than not, a political counter for the christian extremists, who are just as bad, and again, were not true christians in any way, who threatened to burn the Quran. It is political games like this which are fuelling the hate of our culture, the same hate that is fast becoming all that is known. I myself spend a lot of my free time talking to various people over the internet, and out of them all, it is britain and america, which are undeniably extremely closely knitted politically, who are almost always the source of any hate sources online. I speak to moslims from malaysia, from Jeddah in the KSA (kingdom of saudi arabia), from dubai, and from the UAE (united arab enrates) and only very few of these people harbour any grudge for the british, for christians, or for any of the wars that have and are taking place around religion. Yet we, who consider ourselves to be from the most highly civilised countries, cannot keep the peace, and resort to hate crimes. Even with this hatred of other countries, we still encounter very few people that can be considered patriotic. Whilst many of the foreigners I speak to, are managing to remain patriotic, whilst not allowing themselves to fall into racial hatred. Last week, my college hosted a rembrance parade, and I went to attend. As we waited outside, the member of staff who was with me, as im not allowed to attend college on my own, got upset as she had lost friends in the wars, over time, and very recently. We went to sit somewhere quiet, and did our two minutes of silence in one of the general purpose rooms. During this time three of the other children in my class were stood outside, laughing and joking. This caused great offence to me, to the teacher of the class and to several others in the class. Also when I was in town at a shopping center, an announcement was made over the tannoy system that there would be a two minute silence. Again during this time, there were people talking, on the phone, and a group of teenagers arsing about around the escalators. It seems more and more, that on the backs of the news, which often targets the army when it runs out of things to hate, and the new generation of teenagers, who are allowed, and almost encouraged to become hatefull and aggressive from younger and younger ages, have destroyed any respect we had. If this is allowed to continue in such a manner, then we are going to need our armed forces more and more, to protect us, not only from the threats we have at the moment, from terrorrists, but from our own allies, as the hate is consuming to the point where its all we are knowing. We need to bring discipline back to the people, and to start removing the book passing culture we have grown into. Bringing back some patriotism, and respect, if not for the politicians that run the country, then at least for the brave soldiers that risk their own lives for it.
The article which I read, stating that our soldiers were nothing but glorified killers can be found from the following link, and whether or not it is right, or is agreed with by the people who read this, it's only fair that both sides of an argument should be heard. http://www.booksie.com/war_and_military/article/tyrian/remembrance-day


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