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Convict at Earth

Book By: BloodyBlade
War and military

Tags: War, Death, Military

War struck Earth. All the nations mad at each other. Bombs.

Submitted:Aug 23, 2008    Reads: 173    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

*Author's Note* I will use some Linkin PArk Quotes cuz their quotes r just soooo powerful it inspired me a lot.

I young man by the name of Ka Sheek'walked away from the bar of Military Veterans smiling to himself. He looked down at his hands. A got a huge tip from one of them. He could finally buy a piece of bread. He didn't eat anything since a couple days ago. He put the money in his pockets and grabbed something out of his other pocket. A took out a switch. A switch for a bomb. The young man was payed to do this for a quarter of a million dollars. The young man looked up at the dark misty sky. Thousands of stars looked down at him. One Of them was his brother. His brother saved Ka Sheek' once. And he would never forget it. A dozen of American soldiers walked in and killed everyone his brother covered Ka Sheek' from the thousands of bullets that caused so much pain and blood. So as Ka Sheek' thought about that moment. He flipped the switch. With that the American Veterans exploded into million thousands of pieces. Ka Sheek' tossed the switch away and ran away from the terrible place. That was place where his brother died. Where many people died trying to think of a plan to escape of this horror.

Convict at Earth

Noon at September 11, 2215. The general of the USA army was speaking in front of millions of people in his own nation.

"We can't trust anyone anymore. We must kill everyone who tries to come across this nation. They might be carrying drugs, a sickness, or bombs. We have new technology and it isn't as great as we have all thought. We have amazing new phones, games, music, MP3 players, but it isn't as great as weapons. As I speak many people across the world have been setting up to kill us. I know we don't have much food as we did before. We just can't risk that. This planet is running out of resourses that we despretly need. We are all dying. But we have no choice."

The general looked hard at the audience. And walked away. Everyone looked at him both scared and angry like what did he say. The viewers at home nearly dead. Almost died right there.

A reporter took out a gun and shot a bullet at the general but he missed. BAM! The reporter went donw dead. A sniper shot him in the head. The audinece knows what the general means now. We are at war wwith everyone.

5:42 p.m at September 11, 2215. The rich were amazed on how much money they've made and were celebrating. A huge masque it was. Even the President and General were their. It was the hugest masque and biggest celebration since the old days. There was wine bottles of the best of the best. The tastiest pork, Freshest fruits and vegtables. It lasted for only a couple seconds.

The next day. 1:02. Many people of all religions came to the church and prayed. Praying that nothing bad will happen to them. Hoping that their husbands and sons will come back from the war alive. They prayed for others and themselves. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion. It's ironic that we pray when the a bomb blew the masque up yesterday. The explosion was so grave that it killed a quarter of the United States.Taking the President and General with it. Thousans, no billions of people rushed to thebeaches and got there boats out trying to escape from the war torn country. To their suprise the were shot and killed by assasins. No one escapes from this country alive.


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