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Forged by the Battle Arena

Book By: LearningPoetry
War and military

This is a preview to a possible book I will be writing about two brothers that have only known war throughout their entire life the older brother Ryuu *possible name change* has always been able to defeat his brother Takeo in battle. With Ryuu as the strongest Warrior of middle earth what is to come of these young warriors?

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As Ryuu walks in the valley of death. Where no mortal dare enter.Walking down the crevice the voices are becoming clear, louder, and harder to bear. The warrior falls to his knees unable to stand, unwilling to fight, spiritally breaking. The souls of the valley gather around the broken man. The voices cease for the man now broken down, and losing faith in his cause; weilds his sword and forces it into his abdomin bleeding out slowly. Thhe souls disperse into the darkness of the valley.

Takeo in search for his brother walks the land looking for the one warrior who he admired and wishs too defeat in combat. He decides to walk into the valley of death; certain he is strong enough to over power the souls of the valley. The valley is steady; quiet with the pure absence of sound. Takeo confident he is the strongest warrior discards his sword before entering the still valley. He Continues to press on when the voices start. All of these sounds are unfamiliar except for one. Takeo then notices a fallen warrior. Procceding to the man; Takeo rolls the corpse to it's back. When suddenly all but one of the voices fades. The voice gets clearer and clearer; whispering to Takeo "brother I have surpassed all those before me in the arena and now it is time for me to join the souls of this valley......" "What are you talking about brother?" Takeo, said with his firey rage in his eyes just as he had when Ryuu, and him would fight as kids.

Ryuu's soul dissapears with the wind only to rise the Lord of the valley, Demogorgon. Takeo places his right hand over his waist reaching for the sword he had left at the enternce of the valley. Demogorgon laughs his bone shaking demonic hardy laugh. "pathetic mortal you will not leave this valley." Takeo looks down to spot his brother's sword; The sword of Osamu the only warrior who was able to defeat Ares in battle. Demogorgon demands Takeo to his knees for he will bow to his new lord. Takeo falls to his knees. Demogorgon swings his mighty sword of the reapers' realm never seen by mortal eyes curved by the many bodies slayen 1000s of years before when Demogorgon was once a mortal warrior. When the valley suddenly explodes with the sound of swords crashing. Ryuu standing infront of Takeo sword drawn stopping Demogorgon's new found on slaught of the mortal realm. "Takeo get out now!" Ryuu yells to his brother. Takeo obeying his brother flees the valley, with the sounds of swords crashing; erupting out of the valley. When Takeo reaches the exit where he placed his sword; he feels cold no emotion for Demogorgon has thrusted his sword into Takeo's backside killing him almost instantly.


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