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Tags: War, Iwo, Jima, Takashi, Jun

Jun Takashi sits by himself, flipping through many pages of letters...

Submitted:Sep 19, 2008    Reads: 122    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

It was at night.

Takashi Jun should have been in bed, at home, all the way back in Hokkaido. But he wasn't. Instead, he was fighting. Far away. Against the American troops. He wasn't aware at the time, that his platoon of soldiers was one of the last left at Iwo Jima.

Jun was sitting on the floor. He thumbed the many pages of letter sent to him from his family and friends awaiting his safe arrival. But Jun had no confidence he was to live. Infact, he was almost certain he would meet a sticky end.

'To my beloved Onee-San! I hope you are safe!! Come back soon! Mamma and Papa want you to come home too!' read one of the letters from his little sister. Oh how he missed her! And his beloved Natsuki-chan would be standing at the front gate, her radiant face beaming at him, as he took his first steps home. They had gotten married a few months before Jun left.

The sakura tree in his front yard would be in full blossom, and his father would be clearing out the garden. "A healthy garden brings happiness to all!" he always said. Jun was positive of that. Here, there was nothing but several burnt trees.

And the food! The great food back at Hokkaido! Mother's Ishikari-nabe (salmon dish cooked with miso) was so fantastic, and compared to the rotten plants they were given here to eat-- fish would be the food of the gods!

Jun put away the letters. It broke his heart that he might never see his hometown after this. For 19 long and wonderful years, he enjoyed living a carefree life. Now, every single day he would lose a friend to land mines, bombs and gun shots. Jun's best friend; Makino Jiro was stabbed with a bayonet by some stupid American teenager.

But Jun liked to keep optimistic. His chance of surviving this dastardly ordeal was about 0.5% of 100, but ther was still hope!

Jun didn't realise time had passed so quickly. It was already 3 a.m. and time for him to get up and out to set up more mines.

"Private 2nd Class Takashi, get your lazy butt off the floor and get fighting!" bellowed one of the Lieutenant Generals.

That was Jun's que to leave the trenches. Oh well. Just another day. Fighting and fighting.

NOTE: At the battle of Iwo Jima, not a single soul survived. Takashi is a fictional character that I made up (well, that's what fictional means right? :P)


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