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This story takes place in WWII its about a young tennager and her best freind and or boy freind being split up. I will say that there are a couple of "BAD" words some might say but VERY little.I hope YOU enjoy the story.

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bep..bep..bep..WAKE UP ASHIRA ITS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL yelled Aharon as I quietly and tiredly got up for school I heard Avigail (my mother) yell its already 7:30 your late for school. I call her Avigail cause I dont think of her as a mom .When I was finally done getting dress and puting on my make up I thought I had enough time to grab a bite to eat,....well I was WRONG but apperently my mom had enough time to smack me for wakeing up late and puting on make up in the first place.I am 15 now how long is she going to treat me like a kid!!she is sooo annoying!!!!!See that's the probblem with jewish family's there always hiting there KIDS but enyways as we finally pulled up to the school I admedeatly noticed this tall,slender guy that from the looks of just got in trouble WOW I thought what a handsome guy who was he and how did I get soo lucky to go to the same school as him.My brother Aharon looked at me like he just read my mind. my face turned pink.He laughed and said you like that guy over there dont you Ashira,I can tell cause you look like an opa lopa everytime you look at himhe laughed again.NO GROSS I yelled but I was wrong and sadly he new it so he rushed over to the guy and said hi my name is Aharon and my sister likes you I mean she really likes you.The skinny guy looked at me and smiled well he said Im Aviad and she is very pretty herself my brother looked at him like he was discusting and his plan had gone straight in the trash I smiled and built up the courage to finally go over to the guy and talk to him.Ha..ha hi I manneged to say. HELLLO he said. my name is we said at the same time then laughed my name is Aviad he said And i'm Ashira I said.May I walk you to class he said you may I said. I felt soo accomplished after I said what I said even if they were soo little they obviously ment a BIG differents.He's soo Cute I thought She's sooocute thought Aviad.Whenit was time for lunch Aviad sat next to me we talked about the war that was going on why did Hitler have to make thingssooo difficult he saidI dont know I saidThen he started to make fun of him it was sooofunny the way he did itI couldn't help but laugh I snorted OOPS thats not HOT I thought I wonder what he thinks of me now I'm so stupid Aviad laughed and said I like your laugh. I felt like this guy was to good to betrue.When school was over Aviad stoped me beforeI left for home He grabbed my hand and gave it a kiss he alsoput a small crenkculed paper in my hand and he left.I was soo en shock cause he just kissed me even if itas on my hand.I openedthe littlepaper and it was his phone number I was sooo excited.I noticed Aharon saw what Aviad had did and looked as if he was jelous of all the attenshion I gaveto him.That cant be good I thought. Before my brother and I maneged to make it home with out one of hitler's heshmen catching us I made him SWERE not to tell mom about this you see my mom isSUPER strict and can't stand boys interferingwith school no madder howold I was.He looked at me an smiled would I ever do that to you sis he said as he gave me apeck onmy check.That ment of COURSE im going to tell her and your not going to do enything aboutit.Dinner was aqwardly quiet I thought maybe Aharon wont tell Avigail but I was wrong he Aharon blurt it out write in the silence.she looked at me like I was such a hoe am I that bad of a girl to flurt with Aviad.She maneged to say who is he and I demaned to meet him out of her rage. His name is Aviad and I want you to meet him also.THEN why haven't I she yelled!!!! I just met him mother it was just the first day of school!!! Yes first day of school and already my slut of a daughter has boy'skissing her she sad sadly. I HATE YOU i yelled and cried stomping off to my room.watching Aharon laugh what a JERK. knock knock can I come in said Amonon(my dad) but I really did think of Amonona's asmy dad but I love saying his realname. Yes I sad sadly.Look dad said mom dident mean what she said. I know I saidbut she's NOT my mom I said!!! She is your mom and you willrespect her.....look hesaid I will meet thisAviad if you wantme to but If I dont like him that's it.YES thank you dad I yelled and gave him a kiss.The next day After school my parent's and I went to go meet Aviad we found him in theprincible's office getting in trouble NOT a good impression.When my parent's got done meeting Aviad my dad sat me down with that women i'm supposed to call MOTHER and said i'm sooo sorry Ashira.....but you can not see that boy enymore.NOOOO why not I said tearying up.Because dad said he's got a VERY bad record why he can't even get into colleage.SOOO what will survive on love and happyness.Well you need money to somtimes make that happen mother said I was so disapointed I stormed off to go to Aviad;s house when suddenly I bumpted into this mysterious man.He had a Natzi symbol on at that moment I new I bumpted into the wrong person he looked at me and smiled.FOOLISH CHILD he said and grabbed my arm and throw me into this very crampted up car fuilled with other jew's I was sooo scared what's going to happen am I going to live will I ever see my parent's again!!! These are question's I longed to know.Just thebn I saw somone who looked like Aviad.....IT WAS!!! I'm sooo happy to see him I walked tored him trying to comfort him and there I saw him shaking his lips purple from the cold air I'm surprised from all the people that's in here i'd exspect him to be HOT but he wasn't I can't blame him thow it was an offly cold today colder than usuall so enyways I walked towred him and gave him a hug and a kiss it's going to be ok.how do you know that he said in a shrp scared tone because I said I 'm a women and as a girl i'm supposed to say stuff like that I laughed he laughed aswell.After that I cried uncontrolbly thinking only negative Aviad grabbed my bodyand laid me over his I felt safe and succure but not enough to make me stop crying just then he started singing singing a song that my mother used to sing it was in jewish I always felt soo happy when I heard that song my Aunt used to sing itto me right before she ...she DIED!!!suddenly the car stopped we were at ower destination were ever it was.the men split us up in 2 boy's on the left and girls on the right my hair was up in a cap that night so all you could see was my face making me look very much like a boy so they put me on the boy side I was happy to be with Aviad.The work the past few days were brutel but wurth it I must say i've been feeling sick lately snd bee throwing up ever since the night I slept with Aviad it was wonderful but Im not going into detale that would be GROSS.All I hope is Im not pregnant.on thurs.I found my freind on the other side of the camp I told her about the sickness and me and Aviad.she gave me this pregnacy test thingy that was given to her by one of the other ladies NOT VERY SANITARY but I used it I had to.....and it was a ......positive Yes now Im prenant and don't know what to do.I told Avad and he CRIED I coul'nt believe my eye's later that day as I was working with the rest of the men one of the gard's ordered me to take my HAT OFF oh know what to do NOW I refused and they came up to me witha gun so I had know other choice but to take it of watching my long hair fall to the floor I was scared.I KNEW IT yelled the gard he grabbed my hand and I was sent to a camp for girls watching Aviad do everything he could to stop me from leaving even trying to fallow......but he couldn't after that the workers cut ALL my hair off I cried why was this happaning to me then they sent me to what I thought was the showers they were really poisen GASS but how was I to know that ....well I didnt watching my life flash before my eyes slowly trying to leave but the door's were locked my BABE I thought what what would happen!!!! TO BE CONTINUED............


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