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Information about U.T.A

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*Systems Starting* *U.T.A INFORMATION*

*Subject* *Ron and James* Tuth. U.T.A planet Government and Shelter. Ruled By James William Perk. Old Ruler Ron. Ron is a High Advance Swords Smith. Ron was the ruler of U.T.A Government before he betrayed his men and started a war against U.T.A. He was then caught and banned from Tuth for 3 years. After those years he was able to Return. But was no longer fit to rule. His ruler ship went to Second in line. James William Perk.

He became the Co-captain of several ships. He would take control over the ship if the Captain of the ship needed to do business. Later he earned His rank as second in command. This was hard on Ron.Cause Ron wanted his ruler ship back. But knew he couldn't get it.

*Subject* *Tim*

Tim. He is a good friend of U.T.A also a high advance gun smith He. became third in command after winning battles that ron started.he got his rank by his strength and speed. His strength would overwhelm his enemies. U.T.A was proud to have a man like that. Soon afterearning his rank. He got sent to the darkened planet. Tamus. Where he found a Device Able to be used for good or bad. Later Tim was sent on another mission to find more resources. There he found another device. Much more powerful.

Tim found its power Grateful. And used it against his friends. Making armies of robots. and his own ship.Giving him self the title Taplot. In the end Tim was beaten by James. And was sent to what the humans called it. Prison. For the rest of his life.


The maker device. Found by Ron and Tim. 1 out of 10 devices were found. Each device hold information about the other device. First there is the Maker. Able to make things that are powerful. Also can teleport. Second device. The Tele porter. Even though each device can teleport. Only one can teleport everywhere. This device was made for large range assaults. In other words. To teleport men from long range. Thired was the Mind control device. Its power can only be activated by those who are worthy of its power. Its....ERROR...ERROR. Fourth device is Life. This device created all things in this world. Or Universe. Fifth was the Speed device. Enables you to Run as fast as almost anything. But heed this warning. Those who use its power unwisely will perish. the sixth device is. Gravity. It allows you to lift things up without touching them. Seventh device is Power. This device was found by Taplot. Also known as Tim. This device is.........ERROR......UNABLE TO SHARE INFORMATION. Eighth Device was Knowledge. It combined the universe Secrets. So that know one could find and use its secrets against other living things. ninth device is Strength it gives all living things Strength being able to move to eat to drink. If its power is missed used its victim will perish. Tenth device is. Creator. It created Evil and good. Its power can be used to bring light or Or bring Chaos. Or destruction.

*Subject* Singurd. Coming Soon.

*Subject* 22 A1. Coming Soon.

*Subject* Jake. Coming soon.

*Subject* Night Whispers. Coming soon.

*Subject* Time. Coming soon


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