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Always Remembering

Essay By: cmore
War and military

This is an essay I wrote for Remembrance Day and all of our troops and their families! Hope you enjoy, it won first in a Remembrance Day contest:)

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November 11this a major day in Canada. It is a day to remember what our soldiers did for us in the past and still do for us today. But what happens on November 12th? The majority of people seem to almost turn a blind eye to the war happening right in front of us. Just because it is not Remembrance Day every day does not mean remembering is not important. To a lot of people remembering is a daily norm, to the family and friends of soldiers, to the soldiers themselves and to the veterans who have come home.

Loving a soldier is a very high price to pay for both friends and family. Imagine being alone with nothing to hold in the middle of the night. Loving a soldier is sending a letter to a far away love in a far away town, it is going to church to kneel and pray and meaning the things you say. Loving a soldier brings bitterness and fears, loneliness, sadness and depressed years. Loving a soldier is not much fun, but it is worth the price when the battle is through and remembering they are thinking of you every day. They are sad and lonely while so far away, so love them and miss them and hold your head up high. Be strong and have faith, wipe the tear from your eye. That is the high price people pay for loving a soldier.

The conditions our soldiers live in are not easy. They sleep in an uncomfortable cot or on the ground and have to worry about being alive to see morning's light while we lay in bed worrying about a test or meeting the next day. They see awful things every day, too graphic to explain, so we do not have to. There are entire cemeteries dedicated to unmarked war graves. So many men and women die without being able to say goodbye so we never have to. So many families have to wonder if their letters find their soldier safe and well.

From the very first day of entering the military soldiers train and it is drilled into their minds to fight and handle situations in battle. They train and train for battle but when they do go out to battle reality is worse than what they were trained for. These brave eyes have seen such tragedy, they are changed. Once they have hit Canadian soil- it is as if they have gotten older. Some come home in caskets, some come home all wrong. They feel so alone. Flashbacks hit them like a train. They see devastating faces, destruction and pain. Blood curling screams pierce the silent air. Loud noises crash shaking them to the core, reminding them of everything they have been through.

Why Canada's veterans should be honoured and remembered is a question everyone knows the answer to, or at least they think they do. Every day we take the people who fought and fight for our lives for granted and half the time we do not have the courtesy to thank them. We seem to have forgotten that every day is an opportunity to remember, not just the eleventh of November. There are plenty of friends and family of soldiers that can not go a day without thinking of their letter finding their loved one well where as there's the people who only have to worry about the next social event. Our soldiers live a horror movie every day while we watch them for entertainment. Our veterans and soldiers sacrifice themselves physically and mentally to war, some even coming home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They lose their freedom to live so we have the freedom to do as we please. These things really hit home on November 11thbut what about the day after? So many of us have set the issue of war on the back burner of our minds set on low. We often forget what is slowly burning on the back burner because now it is a burden to discuss. Now it is our decision to either throw out what is on the back burner and call it waste or change the seasoning and overcome the obstacle that now sits boiling on the back burner on the back of our minds.



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