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Make this earth a better place! (we are one)

By: directionerforever

Page 1, We are one and will always remain to be ONE forever! Nothing can break us apart! UNITED WORLD!

                                         Have you ever dreamed of something big? something you have been waiting to do your whole life? what about saving the earth? God send us one earth, people broke it apart. well, we did, all of us! it was our FAULT but we still can work hard to become one again. we are all human anyway.......!!! we are suppose to be one but no! we aren't one, we are all broked apart!  Yes, it'll be really difficult to be one again, but nothing is impposible with hard work, so why don't we startover again and make this earth a better place so we all can say we are one beause we ARE one! we've to do this! I know that one day I'll succes  no matter what. No, I won't succes,  WE will! We are one!  and nothing can break us apart! 

                           One day, we'll be a so strong even the evilest won't be able to break us into pieces like we're now! we have to do this and we are gonna! we will do this! we are one! So get out out from your lousy bed and start doing something! something for this world. something to unit our puzzle piece. we are all a puzzle pieces waiting to be united! So one day this whole world will wake up from their bed  finding out that our earth changed, not to a bad place, neither to a good place, instead to a better place!                                                                                                                                                                                          we are one!

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