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This is an essay that I had to write for English about the Holocaust. We had just finished reading Night which is a book by Eli Wiesel, who is a survivor of the Holocaust. The book is a true story about his experience.

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"Hurry! Take off all of your clothes! It is time for selection!" A S.S. officer is yelling and spitting in your face as you run by. It is freezing outside and you are starving. Death is constantly looming over your head. It is time for another selection at the biggest death camp. Auschwitz. Even just the name makes many people tremble in fear. Ha! You laugh in their faces. If the name scares them, they should try living here. You know that these are common thoughts that a Jew is having during World War II when Adolf Hitler has taken power and has put you in a concentration camp.

Adolf Hitler took power of Germany in 1939. He Aryans, people who were pure German and had blond hair and blue eyes, and he thought that they were a superior race, but he felt totally different towards the Jews. Hitler absolutely hated them. He thought that they were the cause of Germany's problems. It wasn't uncommon or unusual for someone to hate Jews because they had been hated for generations. Hitler took his hate too far though. He planned to kill every single Jew and rid Germany of its problems. This was the beginning of WWII in 1940.
German soldiers moved millions of Jews to concentration camps. They were beaten, starved, put in crematories. About six million Jews ended up being killed during WWII. This genocide angered many people. The Allied Powers started to take action to end the war.
Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7th, 1942. This angered Americans and they got involved and joined the Allied Powers. The Allied Powers, which America had joined, fought against the Axis Powers, these our the countries fighting alongside Germany. The Allied Powers eventually ended World War II and the Holocaust in 1845. A total of twelve million people ended up dying. One and a half million of those people had been killed at Auschwitz alone. Memories of the Holocaust still torment survivors today. We all need to learn about the Holocaust to prevent it from happening again.
People should read Night so that they can learn how horrible the Holocaust really was. Some people say that the Holocaust really didn't happen and if it did then most of it isn't true. They think that the Jews are just lying and exaggerating to get people to take pity on them and to get extra attention. If people feel this way then they need to see what really happened through someone's point of view who was actually there. Also, they can watch videos that are from the Holocaust and the concentration camps or they could just go see the concentration camps and see how horrible they were for themselves. If people continue to think like this, then another event similar to the Holocaust could happen. It would be horrible if another genocide of one race, or many races, occurred ever again.


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