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The Soldier's Poem

By: James Jonathan Cassidy

Page 1, I\'m not sure if I was really able to clarify how I felt but I think there are a lot of people who would agree with this and a lot who wouldn\'t. For the record I am in full support of the soldiers in Iraq laying down their lives. I pray for them. I was inspired by the song \"Soldier\'s Poem\" by the band \"Muse\", and wrote my own \"Soldier\'s Poem\".


Can you hear it?
Can you hear the clap of thunder?
All throughout the cloudless sky.
Desert sands that burns the eyes.
Lies of those in charge.
Hate that rules the minds.
They say we are fighting for our country.
But, it's hate and revenge for both sides.
Can God really be on our side?
Is he glad we are killing creation?
Yeah, there's a time for war.
But, what about negotiation?
How can we fight someone else?
When we are at war with ourselves.
Let's bring our children home.
Get the terrorist on the phone.
That we are sick and tired of their crap. 
They should know we can wipe them off the map.
But, they should know we know compassion and mercy.
That first we should fix our own democracy.
That they can believe what they wanna believe.
Just keep it inside their own country.
Maybe, one day we will all have Liberty.
But only after we fix ourselves.
Can we help fix someone else

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