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The Diary of George Roberts

By: mleese

Page 1, The Diary of a man named George Roberts. this is about his worrying of his friend in the military during the Civil War.

The Diary of George Roberts
April 12th, 1863
Fort Sumtner has been fired upon. It seems the C.S.A. has declared war. I will wait for news from my friend, John Smith, but it will take a while for, we are in Davenport, and he is in South Carolina. I am nervous to what we will receive.
April 13th, 1863
It is certain now that the Confederates have declared war. I’m still expecting news from John but I’m no longer certain it will even arrive. John please hurry! Your family and I await news anxiously.
April 14th, 1863
            News has reached us here in Davenport. It seems there was only one casualty despite the constant shelling for thirty-four hours. The one casualty was due to the barrel of someone’s gun exploding. Thank the dear lord there wasn’t more than one casualty.
April 15th, 1863
            John has returned home safely. His family and I were ecstatic until he had to leave again on military business. I am not sure if I should join him in the army or not. I guess I will have to sleep on it.
April 16th, 1863
            I’ve decided not to enlist in the military, for I have my mother to take care of. I will mail John weekly and hope for his survival. I hope this war doesn’t last long.
April 17th, 1863
            I’ve heard that this is exactly what England has been hoping for. It seems England hopes the north will lose the war so the United States will stay separated. They are planning on attacking the States at the end of the war. I pray the United States repairs itself.

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